So there you are, ready to start the journey to passing your USMLE Step 2 CS exam.

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Where to start? What is ICE, CIS, and SEP anyway? How do they score this? Did they really just tighten the passing standards? Again?


Where do I have to go? You mean I have to travel to take this USMLE licensing exam? Really?

An eight-hour exam? Can that really be true?

Man, I wish there was one place I could go to get really accurate, up-to-date information to start my journey to the successful completion of the USMLE Step 2 CS exam.

Well, you’re in luck! There is!

Mark H. Swartz, M.D., a veteran in the field of communications skills and author of Textbook of Physical Diagnosis: History and Examination, and leading expert on teaching preparation for the USMLE Step 2 CS exam for over 20 years, is offering a free webinar, which will answer all these questions and more, and put you on the right track to begin your studies.

Mark your calendars – Thursday November 16, 7PM Eastern Standard Time.

Click the link below to register, and see you there!

**This webinar has passed. If you're interested in online training to prepare for your exam, please visit our Skype Sessions Page to learn more about our one-on-one coaching sessions with our Qualified Trainers:

Yours in excellent Step 2 CS prep,

The team at C3NY