Dear Anna,
I took my Step 2CS exam in December, as planned; it was a success !!!
I did exactly what you and Dr. Swartz taught me. C3NY was a great experience. I went through all those feelings that you described, but I stuck to the way you showed me. I am still applying what I learned in NY during my interaction with patients on a daily basis.
I am so glad I came to your course. You are offering a pleasant and really effective service.
My apology for the delay in my answer.
Hope all the best for you all.
Alessandro Paniccia, M.D., Italy
Dear Anna,
Today I received the step 2 CS result and I PASSED….I can’t believe it.
Many, many, many Thanks to you and to Dr. Swartz.
During the day of the exam, I did remember your advice to take a deep breath and that helped me so much.
God bless you and Dr. Swartz
Gilda Bontempo, M.D., Italy

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