Attention USMLE Step 2 CS Candidates:

In order to address the USMLE's new and more stringent passing standards, C3NY is introducing a new and improved workshop structure starting in 2018. In order to fully prepare you to succeed on your Step 2 CS Exam, our unique 3-Day prep workshops now include: 

  • Day 1: CIS Intensive

  • Day 2: ICE Intensive

  • Day 3: Exam Encounters Intensive

During all three days of your workshop, you will receive in-depth and personalized instruction on all of the skills that you'll need to pass your exam. Scroll down the page for more details on what you'll be working on during each intensive, then reach out to reserve your spot today! 

Workshop Location:

New York College of Podiatric Medicine
53 East 124th Street
New York City
(Between Park and Madison Avenues)

Enrollment Options:

3-Day Workshop
(ICE, CIS, & Exam Encounters Intensives)
Optional SEP Diagnostic

Other Key Info:

Live SPs With Personal Feedback
Computer Practice for Patient Note
Take Home Samples of Proper Patient Notes
One-on-One Physical Exam Practice    
Facility Available For Practice After Workshop Hours

Workshop Costs

Includes all 3 workshop days, plus complimentary breakfast and snacks: $1395 USD

*Have you already taken the Step 2 CS? Email your score (with ID blacked out) to for a $500 discount

What to expect during a C3NY Preparatory Workshop:

CIS Intensive (Day 1)

9 Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm

The CIS (Communication and Interpersonal Skills) Intensive offers a comprehensive and interactive workshop on history taking and communication skills geared specifically to the Step 2 CS examination, covering exactly what questions to ask, and how to ask them. We present a thorough explanation of the exam itself, do role play, and show videos of real SP encounters. Skills necessary to pass the CIS portion of the exam are thoroughly covered.


    • Complimentary continental breakfast and snacks
    • Step-by-step explanation of the Step 2 CS patient interview examination procedures
    • Thorough explanation of all CIS requirements
    • Unique, hands-on “greeting” exercise designed to lessen your anxiety, promote confidence and address the initial crucial moments of your standardized patient encounter
    • Taking a patient history in the United States; what to say, what not to say, and how to say it
    • The role mnemonics play (or not) in the Step 2 CS exam
    • What is meant by a “patient-centered” interview, and discussion of the crucial necessity of learning and practicing this interview technique
    • Definition and practice of asking open ended and closed ended questions
    • How to manage communication challenges in patients; meet the four “types” of patients (role play)
    • A discussion of “all things American” with regards to social interactions in the clinical exam
    • Instruction on how to elicit an effective sexual history (role play)
    • Watch and critique video presentations of actual standardized patient encounters

    ICE Intensive (Day 2)

    9 Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm

    During the ICE (Integrated Clinical Encounter) Intensive, the workshop continues deepening the skills learned during the CIS Intensive on Day 1.  Emphasis is on the Physical Exam and the Patient Note, and extensive practice in both areas is offered.


    • Complimentary continental breakfast and snacks
    • Live demonstration by Dr. Swartz of the comprehensive head-to-toe physical exam on an experienced standardized patient (SP)
    • Specific PE techniques for Step 2 CS highlighted
    • What does and does not need to be done on PE for the USMLE Step 2 CS exam
    • Demonstration of correct use of ophthalmoscope, otoscope, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, tuning forks, reflex hammer, etc.
    • One-on-one physical exam practicum: an experienced Physical Exam tutor will guide you through practicing the necessary techniques
    • Note writing practicum; observe three cases, and do timed patient note write ups, and in-depth medical discussions of all patient notes with Dr. Swartz
    • Ideal patient notes for all cases given out for further at-home study
    • Optional free SEP evaluation upon request

    Exam Encounters Intensive (Day 3)

    10 Hours: 8:45am - 7:00pm

    The culmination of the three-day workshop is our unique Exam Encounters Intensive, offering a practical, hands-on experience interviewing  standardized patients; observation and discussion of up to 12 SP cases; timed practice typing two patient notes on the computer using the exact USMLE Step 2 CS template; and reviews of all patient notes. The Exam Encounters Intensive is not a mock exam.


    • Complimentary continental breakfast and snacks
    • During the Exam Encounters Intensive, students will get the opportunity to put what they have learned in the CIS and ICE Intensives to practical use
    • Up to 12 SP cases most typical of those presented on the Step 2 CS examination will be presented
    • Each student will each be assigned one case at random. In front of the small group, in a supportive, educational atmosphere, the student will: conduct a 10 minute history of their SP; and receive 10-15 minutes of feedback from Dr. Swartz, Anna Lank, and the SP/Medical Educator
    • CIS, ICE and SEP skills are highlighted
    • The student will then get to observe and discuss up to 11 more cases
    • Each student will complete two Patient Notes on a timed session of the computer, using the exact USMLE Patient Note format, which will be personally reviewed by Dr. Swartz
    • All patient notes and cases will be thoroughly de-briefed in a comprehensive medical discussion of all cases
    • Ideal patient notes for all cases given out for further at-home study

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