C3NY offers an intensive preparatory workshop in New York City for three days every month. Mark H. Swartz, MD teaches each and every day of the workshop.

Workshop Location:

New York College of Podiatric Medicine
53 East 124th Street
New York City
(Between Park and Madison Avenues)

Enrollment Options:

3-Day Intensive (Strongly Recommended)
Days 1 & 2
Days 1 & 3

Other Key Info:

Live SPs with personal feedback
Computer Practice for the Patient Note
Optional Physical Exam Practicum    Facility available for practice after workshop ends

Workshop Costs

Entire Workshop: Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3: $1300 USD (Strongly Recommended)

Day 1 only: $475 USD

Day 2 only: $475 USD

Days 1 & 2: $900 USD

Days 1 & 3: $975 USD

What to expect during a C3NY Preparatory Workshop:

Day 1

10 Hours: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Day One offers a comprehensive and interactive workshop on history taking and communication skills geared specifically to the Step 2 CS examination, covering exactly what questions to ask, and how to ask them. We present a thorough explanation of the exam itself, do role play, and show videos of real SP encounters. Skills necessary to pass the ICE and CIS portions of the exam are introduced.


    • Complimentary continental breakfast and snacks
    • Step-by-step explanation of the Step 2 CS patient interview examination procedures
    • Clarification of ICE and CIS requirements
    • Taking a patient history in the United States; what to say, what not to say, and how to say it
    • The role mnemonics play (or not) in the Step 2 CS exam
    • How to manage communication challenges in patients; meet the four “types” of patients (role play)
    • A discussion of “all things American” with regards to social interactions in the clinical exam
    • Instruction on how to elicit an effective sexual history (role play)
    • Watch and discuss video presentations of actual standardized patient encounters
    • NEW! Additional patient note practice and review

    Day 2

    8 Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm

    On Day Two, the workshop continues deepening the skills learned on Day One with an added emphasis on physical examination techniques, as well as a detailed dialogue examining the structure and development of a specific SP case, and the ideas behind the development of SP cases. Optional Physical Exam Practicum is available.


    • Complimentary continental breakfast and snacks
    • Unique hands-on “greeting” exercise designed to lessen your anxiety, promote confidence and address the spoken English element in the initial crucial moments of your standardized patient encounter
    • Interactive practicum of a history, physical examination, and write-up on a specific patient, role-played by an SP, including in-depth examination of Differential Diagnosis and Management of that case for the Patient Note
    • Live demonstration by Dr. Swartz of the comprehensive head-to-toe physical exam on an experienced standardized patient (SP)
    • Specific PE techniques for Step 2 CS highlighted
    • Live interaction with experienced SP/Medical Educator
    • What does and does not need to be done on PE, proper draping, approach, and timing
    • Demonstration of correct use of ophthalmoscope, otoscope, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, tuning forks, reflex hammer, etc.
    • OPTIONAL ADD-ON REQUESTED BY OUR STUDENTS! Physical exam practice with a highly experienced SP/Medical Educator (trained by Dr. Swartz) in the evening after Day Two ends. Further details available upon enrollment.

    Day 3

    10 Hours: 8:45am - 7:00pm

    The culmination of the three-day workshop takes place on Day Three, offering a practical, hands-on experience interviewing a standardized patient; observation and discussion of up to 13 SP cases; timed practice typing two patient notes on the computer, using the exact USMLE Step 2 CS template; and in-depth medical discussions of all patient notes. Day 3 is not a mock exam.


    • Complimentary continental breakfast and snacks
    • On Day Three, students will get the opportunity to put what they have learned in Days One and Two to practical use
    • Up to 12 SP cases most typical of those presented on the Step 2 CS examination will be presented
    • Each student will each be assigned one case at random. In front of the small group, in a supportive, educational atmosphere, the student will: conduct a 10 minute history of their SP; and receive 10-15 minutes of feedback from Dr. Swartz, Anna Lank, and the SP/Medical Educator
    • CIS, ICE and SEP skills are highlighted
    • The student will then get to observe and discuss up to 11 more cases
    • Each student will complete two Patient Notes on a timed session of the computer, using the exact USMLE Patient Note format, which will be personally reviewed by Dr. Swartz
    • All patient notes and cases will be thoroughly de-briefed in a comprehensive medical discussion of all cases

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