Trust the world's leading experts in clinical skills to prepare you for success on the USMLE Step 2 CS exam.

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The Clinical Competence Center of New York (C3NY) is an independent educational service organization headquartered in New York City. We offer international medical graduates, American medical students, and practicing physicians a variety of programs using standardized patient methodology, all geared to improving excellence in the clinical competence of medical practitioners. We are specialists in the use of Standardized Patients (SPs) to portray patients, family members, and other medical practitioners in supervised encounters, which are designed to evaluate history taking, physical examination, and communication skills in medical professionals.

As one of the world's most trusted and successful Step 2 CS preparation programs, C3NY prepares hundreds of candidates each year to pass the USMLE Step 2 CS examination. Our three-day intensive workshops are developed and produced under the direction of Mark H. Swartz, MD, a leading expert in clinical skills education. Our monthly Clinical Skills Workshops in New York City are taught by Dr. Swartz himself, and provide in-depth information about the Step 2 CS, explaining each component of the exam in detail:

  • ICE (Integrated Clinical Encounter)
  • CIS (Communication and Interpersonal Skills)
  • SEP (Spoken English)  

Dr. Swartz has been involved with SP testing and training for over 25 years, teaching CSA and Step 2 CS preparatory programs since 1998. We have helped more than 7,000 individuals pass the Step 2 CS exam, many on their first try. Proper preparation for the exam is crucial in today's competitive climate, as many residency directors look for first-time passes of the Step 2 CS as a qualification in their residency programs. In addition to the technical components of the exam, our workshops also explore cultural diversity and the social norms of the United States, a critical aspect of succeeding on the exam.

For those who cannot travel to New York City for our workshops, and for those students who want extra practice after the workshop has concluded, we also offer customized, one-on-one Skype Coaching Sessions with our experienced SP Medical Educators. Our qualified Skype Coaches have helped students all over the world work on their individual weaknesses and subsequently succeed on their Step 2 CS exams. 

C3NY is the only Step 2 CS prep program with official affiliations to medical schools in New York, including:

C3NY produces programs to teach and assess clinical skills in all four years of Medical School at these institutions. 


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