Dear Dr. Swartz et al,
I apologize for not contacting you sooner.
I took the Step 2CS exam in Philadelphia on April 23rd, I am very happy to say that I passed the exam at 1st attempt. Thanks for all your high quality teaching and advice. I would definitely recommend your course to anyone who is taking the exam.
Your workshop really stressed what is important – it’s all about the communication. I don’t think I would have been prepared in the right way had I studied alone.
Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Rafik Bourayo, M.D., Algeria


Hi Dr. Swartz,
I just received my CS score, and I passed.
I thank God that guided me to take the right decisions that led to this result, and taking your workshop is one of them. And so I thank you for all the help that you gave me in achieving my goal.
I took the January workshop. I hope you still remember me.
Best regards,
Mazen Khattabi, M.D., Libya


Dear Dr. Swartz, Anna, and all SPs,
Thank you from bottom of my heart for all of you! Yes, I did it and I passed today (Mar 26th). My exam was on Jan 26th in Phily and I took the workshop just 10 days before my test date.
I would like to thank you Dr. Swartz for all valuable information and that big confidence you gave to us during the workshop. Your course was wonderful.
Also I would like to thank Anna for her advice especially deep breath and other things which helped me a lot in my exam and I think it will help me too in my practical life in future.
My advice for every one to pass Step 2CS is to study well, and go to C3NY. Believe me you will get a lot of strength and confidence from that C3NY team.
Dalia Awad Elhaj, M.D., Sudan


Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna Lank,
Hi..I had taken the C3NY Workshops in the end of April. I had given the exams on May 10 in Philadelphia.
I just received my results and have cleared the exam. The exam was very similar to the course. The actors weren’t as good, however, as the ones at C3NY. Also I couldn’t figure out the diagnosis in half the cases. I just told them I had to further investigate to come to the diagnosis.
I absolutely agree with you Dr. Swartz that Step 2 CS is all about how the patient responds to the questions. I just followed the hints the patient gave me, but I wasn’t at all impressed by my performance at the end of the exam. I thought I had flunked the exam, but I passed!
Anyway, your course was very helpful, and God bless C3NY.
Juzar Jafferjee, M.D., Tanzania
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I took the STEP 2 CS the 29th of May – PHILADELPHIA. I received the results yesterday into my “OASIS” page that I PASSED.
John Luseko, M.D., Tanzania


Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna,
I am Daniela from your 2017 March workshop. I want to thank you for your help and your guidance.
I took my CS test early May in Philadelphia and passed. I could not have done it without coming to your workshop. I graduated in 2008 in Togo and since then all I have done is pediatrics before coming to the US in 2013.
I am sure you remember when I broke down in tears during the encounter with Charles, I was thinking why do you I have do to this? Well, now I know the answer: because it is what I am passionate about and I will do everything I can to achieve my dream. Thank you for lifting me up that day.
Special thank you to Charles. I am glad I met you all.
Daniela Kpehor-Amewuame, M.D., Togo

Burkina Faso

Hi Dr. Swartz and Anna,
I just learned that I passed the exam. I just studied for 3 days before the exam. I read all my notes from the course and watched your physical exam video from your book which I bought while I was with you. The notes from the workshop were more than enough. I did everything you told us.
For those people coming to the course, I personally believe that C3NY workshops are a good tool for preparation for this exam. We just need to stay focus on what the SP will tell us as the next question to ask will come from his answer.
You did so much for me. I am sure of something, if it weren’t for you Dr. Swartz, I could not overcome this exam. But with your preparation and help, the exam was more clear and easier to deal with.
Once again thank you to your team. You were completely right in what you taught us. I wish you success for your great course.
Best regards,
Zoumanan Debe, M.D., Burkina Faso