The C3NY workshop was an incredible experience - there isn’t a better team of teachers for Step 2CS preparation than Dr Swartz, Ms Lank and the SPs in New York. Day 3 was certainly my favourite - learning to handle challenging SPs, thinking outside the box for various clinical scenarios, and practising typing up patient notes put me in good stead for the exam. However, more than anything, the C3NY workshop has taught me valuable communication skills that I have put in my everyday practice of medicine. Dr Swartz, Ms Lank and the SPs do not just teach you how to be a good Step 2CS candidate - they show you the way to becoming a culturally-aware, empathetic, and exceptional doctor. Finally, the C3NY workshop is a lesson in American culture that every international medical student/graduate will value, as it forms the core of the Step 2CS exam and ultimately residency in the United States. Many thanks to Dr Swartz, Ms Lank and the SPs for a truly eye-opening learning experience in New York.
Celine Yun Yi Goh, Singapore

Matthew Callahan

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