Dear Dr. Swartz, Anna, Ginny:
I PASSED my CS exam, & I am very grateful to Dr. Swartz & all of you for an unforgettable experience that gave me confidence and excellent outcome.
The exam was really very stressful , but with each patient I felt Dr. Swartz’s presence in the room. I followed all his detailed advises, how to enter, where to stand, smile, be at the same level OR lower than the patient, where to keep hands, how to write notes, wash hands, cover the patient, drape him……all, all his words ……all of them are very, extremely are important!!!!! They helped me A LOT!!!!
I strongly recommend to all CS takers to take this short but very IMPORTANT workshop course.
Even if you feel ready after reading all textbooks, C3NY polishes your knowledge and gives you confidence, calms anxiety, and takes away stress.
Thanks a lot for all your work; you are doing a great job!
Elena Pogosian. M.D., Armenia
Thank you Anna and Dr.Swartz. I did pass the step 2 CS in December 2007.
Dr. Karapetyan, Armenia
Dear Dr. Swartz!!!!
Hope you are doing fine. I took the classes in January. My name is Irina Azaryan, and I am from Armenia.
My exam was on first of March, and I got the results yesterday. So I passed!!!!! and I am so happy. I am done.
After the workship, I studied a lot on Skype with other members of the workshop, and that also helped.
Thank you very much for your workshop; it was really helpful. It definitely increased my confidence level.
Now I have to apply for residency and hope to get something.
Again thank you very much!
Best regards,
Irina Azaryan, M.D., Armenia

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