Dear Dr. Swartz,
My sister Vyjayanti and I came all the way from Malaysia just to attend your C3NY workshops from 21-23 September 2005. Your course came highly recommended to us.
The course helped us tremendously as it was strikingly similar to the exam. We took the Step 2-CS exam on the 28th September 2005. We are now back in Malaysia, working very hard.
We received our letters from ECFMG today. I am very happy to inform you that we have both passed. Thanks alot to you, Ms. Anna Lank, & the SP team for all their hard work & dedication.
We really owe it all to you & the team. I was worried about the exam at first, but after attending your excellent course, I felt that I could face the challenges from the SPs in the exam. I was able to do the necessary physical exams just as you had taught us, as there was just enough time for it. I was nervous with the first case, but then I remembered what Ms. Lank told me, & I took a deep breath & went into the room.
The course was amazingly similar to the exam & that helped a great deal. I will never forget the wonderful performances from the standardized patients in the course –> they were really talented & well trained.
We enjoyed the course so much & had a wonderful time in New York City. We really liked your good sense of humour too. You made the learning fun. Ms. Lank took good care of us & the map and tourist information that she gave us were very useful. Thanks for the afternoon snacks too. Also, I have made many new friends from the workshops.
Please continue conducting this excellent course so that other candidates can do well too. I would gladly e-mail to anyone who wants to know more about the course, especially doctors from Malaysia & Singapore.
Once again, thank you very much.
Yours Sincerely,
Vasantha Kasinathan, M.D., Malaysia

Matthew Callahan

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