Dear Dr. Swartz,
My name is Giang Ngo. I am a Vietnamese student who enrolled in your course in October 2016. I am emailing you to let you know that I passed the exam, and I want to say thank you for all the information you gave me.
Last time I took it at Los Angeles. This time I took at Philadelphia. I know I made the right choice by taking your course.
It was a great honor to be one of the first Vietnamese students there.
Wish you all the best.
Thank you very much.
Giang Ngo, M.D., Vietnam
Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna,
I am Zung Hoang, a student in June 2008 workshop. I took my CS in July 17th in Philly and got my result on October 8, 2008. I passed the exam for the first time.
My point of view about your course: It was a good start for me. It gave me the knowledge of how the test would be, the information about the test. However, with my own background as a IMG not learning medicine in English, the course was just a starting point for me. After your course, I had to practice a lot and took two more courses, one in New Jersey and one in Philly. The disadvantage of running around was that I found many confusing points, but I kept following what Dr. Swartz lectured. However, these courses gave me the experiences of how a real test encounter was and helped me to build up the skills to manage time, coming up with probing questions and control my anxiety during the encounter.
I wish you a very happy holidays and more success in your course in the future.
Zung Hoang, M.D., Vietnam

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