Actors Help Make Better Doctors

In a recently published article in The Village Voice, C3NY’s Dr. Mark H. Swartz was asked about the push for clinical competence.

Dr. Swartz, a cardiologist who established a center based on Barrows’s strategies at Mount Sinai in 1991 and now runs his own company, the Clinical Competence Center of New York, or C3NY, was quoted as saying, “The national exam started due to the fact that 85 percent of all malpractice suits in the U.S.A. are based upon a failure of doctor-patient communication. It’s not that the doctor didn’t know enough…. [It’s that] he or she did not communicate well enough with his or her patient!”

You can read the entire article about how actors are helping to make better doctors.

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C3NY, the Clinical Competence Center of New York, is headquartered in New York City. We are an independent educational service organization offering international medical graduates, American medical students and physicians a variety of programs using standardized patient methodology, all geared to improving excellence in the clinical competence of medical practitioners. We are specialists in the use of standardized patients (SP’s) to portray patients and evaluate history taking, physical examination, and communication skills in medical professionals.

Matthew Callahan

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