Good afternoon Anna and Dr. Swartz,

I received my USMLE step 2 CS result: I PASSED!!!!

Thank you, Dr. Swartz. I’m really happy that I’ve had your course during my preparation for Step 2CS exam. Your course opened a new vision on this exam and helped me to practice and prepare in the right direction. I am appreciative to have had this great opportunity. Thank you and your team for a great work.

Thank you both, Charles and all SP’s and members of your team.

Best regards,
Uladzislau Valynets, M.D., Belarus
Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna,
I passed! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge during the December 2005 C3NY workshop. It was a very enjoyable experience to receive such an outstanding teaching performance that you provided. Also, I would like to thank Anna and all of the SPs for their passionate help and useful comments.
I will highly recommend the C3NY Workshops to all of my friends because it truly prepared me to PASS Step 2 CS. Dr. Swartz’s viewpoint on the exam is very unorthodox, but this is exactly what makes C3NY a one of a kind preparation for Step 2-CS and my future medical career in the USA.
Dr. Yekaterina Bridgmon, Belarus
Dear Dr. Swartz,

I am writing to thank you. I have taken my exam on December 4th, and got my passing score yesterday. I PASSED!

I just wanted to thank you, your time, and the knowledge you shared with me during your course in October 2015. I know for sure, that the aspects of communication you underlined during the course will stay with me thoughout my life.

Also, I remember how I did a diabetes case, and you included the symptoms of “paraneoplastic syndrome” in the differential diagnosis. I used this during the exam as well.

I will recommend you to everyone I know who still needs to take this exam. You truly helped me to be more genuine during the exam. Retrospectively, I know this for sure. I am so proud I passed it. I know you will be happy for me.

Thank you again.
Anna Grishkevich, MD, Belarus
Dear Dr. Swartz and Mizz Anna,
I was a participant of the June 2009 workshop.
I am glad to inform you I passed the exam in the end.
Thank you for your assistance.
Alex Lyzikov, M.D., Belarus

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