Hello Dr. Swartz,
Yesterday I got the letter that I had passed the test. Praise the Lord! I sure am grateful. The course helped a lot and was helpful and interesting in other ways, too.
Coming from the background of having practiced quite some years and, in spite, having failed the test once, I realized I really needed help. I needed help in understanding the exam, what they were looking for, what issues were critical and also getting feedback on my ways of doing things. In addition, the fact that I have worked in a specialty setting (Neuro-oncology) with a totally different tempo, it created a need for advice. I was also aware, that when in a book it is suggested to show compassion, I do not necessarily know how to do it culturally properly.
The course was realistic, positive and hard work in a very stimulating environment. A truly unique spirit was present; all questions were answered, and you never seemed to be in a hurry. I learned to understand the setting of the test and some of the backgrounds. I learned a lot of how to analyze relating to patients and how to do it in practice. There was attention to both small details and to the big picture. The practices were most helpful, likewise the meeting with the standardized patients.
I would have no hesitation to recommend the course. Particularly for colleagues who have not practiced in the US at all, I think the course is a MUST before taking the test. I personally have benefited not only for passing the test but also for my work here at home and my future work in the US.
With best regards and thank you!
Merja Kallio, M.D., Finland

Matthew Callahan

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