Dear Dr. Swartz,
Hope you are doing fine. I took your course in mid-September, and I have successfully passed Step 2 CS on September 28 in Houston. The result has just arrived today, and I am thrilled. I want to thank you very much for the great course and for all your help.
D.N., M.D., Romania
Dear Dr Swartz,
I have just got the results: I passed the Clinical Skills exam.
I wanted to thank you for that. Before taking your course, I did not really understand the true structure and purpose of this exam.
For me, this exam was more difficult than the other USMLE exams (Step 1 and Step 2 CK) as I am a trained Pathologist who works with tissues, microscopes and computers and does not deal with patients. I can therefore say, with full confidence, that I have passed this exam only and only due to your excellent training program.
Once again, Dr Swartz thank you so much for all your support, knowing you has been a great experience and an honor, to me!
Edmond Sabo, M.D., Romania
Dear Dr. Swartz & Anna,
I took your course this past July, and I just learned that I passed the USMLE Step 2CS exam. Thank you for this great course! Those three days were a great learning experience.
It was a brilliant and VERY effective course and a real pleasure to get to know you and your wonderful team. After visiting your course in NYC, I felt confident that I not only knew everything I needed to pass, but I also received a lot of advice and many tips that will be useful throughout my professional career!
Andreas Barth, M.D., Romania
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I am so happy to announce you that I passed this terrible exam, Step2CS. I want to say that without the help of your team I couldn’t have passed.
You helped me see that due to my foreign training and info from Step 2CS forums or Step 2CS guide books, I had cultural misconceptions when approaching an American patient. And you gave me the right info to replace them, info that made me pass. That’s why my second exam experience was a thrill; the SPs felt very comfortable and were very nice to me, and when I left the Philadelphia test center, I was 100% sure that I did well.
I’ve recommended already, and I will continue to recommend the course to everybody I know. It is a must for IMGs like me. Thank you again!
Liana Tascau, M.D., Romania
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I am more than happy to let you know that I passed my Step 2CS!!!
I simply did not believe it, after I came out so scared from the exam, and depressed, but you were right in everything you said and taught us!!! You were absolutely right, and although I did see everybody reading First Aid, before the exam, and I felt bad, as I did not use it myself, your class was everything I needed! Thank you so much, and please receive my best wishes!
I am the guy from Toronto, who failed once the CS in the past, with 3 years of research fellowship in Israel at Hadassah Medical Center; I finished my Ph.D. in Toronto.
Andrei I. Oprescu, M.D., Ph.D. Candidate, Romania
Dear Dr. Swartz and Dear Anna,
Yesterday I found that I passed CS exam and I would like to thank you very much for your precious advice and for your unconditional help.
You and SPs are extraordinary people, talented, hardworking and demanding, and I will have you in my heart and in my mind always for all you have done for me.
I hope I will be soon a neurologist here.
Simona Treidler, M.D., Romania

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