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Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna,
I took the exam on 7th July at Houston , and I found it quite difficult. The wait was long – but I did find out I passed 1 week ago.
With regards to the workshop (which I took in June), I think it was useful as it provided a basis for a good opening, gave me an idea of what kinds of patient to expect, helped me refine the examination portion of the exam so I had time to do the most important and relevant parts, and in general eased my nerves.
I thank you for your help and support – I have now passed all 3 portions of the USMLE Step 1 and 2.
Tejesh Patel, M.D., United Kingdom
Dear Dr. Swartz,
Greetings from the United Kingdom. I am pleased to inform you I have passed Step 2 CS. I followed all your instructions, and I think that is what made the exam seem easy.
I thank you, Anna Lank, all the SP’s and the rest of the team in organizing such an excellent course and providing the right information and training for the Step 2 CS Exam.
My advice to future examinees: ”Do exactly what the C3NY course teaches and you WILL pass the exam.”
Dr. Margaret Perumalla, United Kingdom
Dear Anna and Dr. Swartz,
I Passed!!!
Thank you so much for all your help.
I am hopefully coming to New York in July for a Fellowship at St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital center and will pop by and say hello.
Tom Bate, M.D., United Kingdom
Dear Anna and Dr. Swartz,
I just got my Step 2CS result and I passed. It means I’m still in the running for the prelim year in IM.
I’ve seldom felt this relieved. I had completely talked myself into expecting a fail. Every night for the past seven weeks I’ve lay in bed and categorized (over and over) my list of fatal errors during the exam. When I got the email I was shaking so hard I accidentally closed OASIS and had to login all over again! I keep rechecking the score but even after half a dozen times it still says PASS. I scored lowest on CIS but apparently still enough to pass!
Thank you so much for your workshop… I tried to listen to the patients and did Anna’s breathing exercises before every encounter. I’m recommending you to everyone I know!
Many thanks & best regards,
Amy Soussan, M.D., United Kingdom
Hi Dr. Swartz and Anna,
Just a quick note to say I passed the Step 2 CS. Thanks for all your teaching and advice (I was in your October 23-25, 2006 C3NY Workshop). I would definitely recommend your course to anyone who is taking the exam. You just cannot learn everything from a book or the internet!
Best wishes for the future.
Andrew Pitkin, M.D., United Kingdom
Dear Ms. Lank and Dr. Swartz,
I attended the April C3NY course. I passed the exam.
I would like to thank you both for the enormous help in making me understand this exam and get through it without any embarassing hiccups.
It was particularly hard to unlearn the ways I had learned for 7 years in the UK where I trained and completed the exams in Psychiatry. It was your approach that helped me through the process.
Thank you very much again for the personal training and motivation.
Dr. P.S. Bhoopathi, United Kingdom
Dear Anna and Dr. Swartz,
I am pleased to say that I have passed after participating in your workshop in June and taking the exam the week after. I am absolutely thrilled and this would not have been possible without all of you.
The workshop was fantastic. Dr. Swartz, you are a great teacher, and it was a pleasure and great honour learning from you. I must say that I honestly followed your instructions and it did work beautifully for me. I was using mnemonics and following other books before attending the workshop. I totally concentrated on the patient after the workshop and your anecdotes were absolutely brilliant. The anecdotes from your lectures still ring in my head.
Anna, thank you for the breathing exercises and the excellent organisation. Charles and all the other SPs, thank you for all the guidance and it was a great pleasure.
I would thoroughly recommend C3NY as it was a great experience. I would make sure anyone taking the exam from the United Kingdom should attend your workshop in New York.
The confidence that Dr. Swartz had instilled in to me was crucial. We need great teachers like you. Thank you once again. Convey my regards to the entire team.
Madhan Bosemani, M.D., United Kingdom

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