Dear Anna:
You and Dr. Swartz are to be highly commended for the excellent teaching sessions at the C3NY Step 296CS Workshops. Even convinced of that fact, I was very reluctant in communicating with your office until the test results. Today, I have a very important public announcement to make!”I PASSED. ”
Let me tell you that I was so frustrated not being able to pass Step 2-CS in 2 previous attempts, that I rushed to your course only a couple of days before my scheduled exam. While Dr. Swartz was giving the lectures, all I did was to highlight the areas that I had neglected during my previous attempts. I flew from Puerto Rico to New York for your course, then to LA for the test all in one week. Believe me I had no time to read and I had not studied. During the test, everything became so clear to me that I had no struggle or difficulties at all. Believe me, I did everything you and Dr. Swartz told us. Also, I breathed deeply.
I am confident that all those who take the course should do well also.
Once again, thank you, “I PASSED!”
Claude Danois, M.D., Haiti
Dear C3NY staff,
I just got my results. I PASSED!!!!
I took the exam 1 time already and missed it. I retook the course in June, my exam was in August, and thanks to Nexium, I did not develop an ulcer.
My friends told me this was the way to go, I tried it, it worked
I would like to thank you all.
To the SPs: I would like to tell you that, for most of us you represent the first encounter with an American patient. You are as much as medical trainers as all of the ones we have had so far. On behalf of everyone else, Thank you with all of my heart!
To Dr Swartz, and Miz Lank: Thank you and keep up the good work!!!
God bless you!
Myriam Jean, M.D., Haiti
Dear Dr. Swartz & Anna,
My name is Jacques Stanley Cayo, and I am from the April C3NY workshop. I would like to tell you that I have passed the exam; I would not have done it without you. This was my second attempt on the exam. I failed in CIS the first time.
I would like to thank you for the good job. I try to help others, and I would like to recommend C3NY to everyone.
Thank you C3NY!
Jacques Stanley Cayo, M.D., Haiti
Dear Anna,
Yes, at last it’s a PASS! on my first attempt…..I am simply overjoyed….
I think the suggestions that I learned during the course helped. I learned the key elements necessary… the key for me was practice as timing was a significant issue as I tended to panic when my time was ending. The course (taken August 2008) was great in helping me design a strategy…but once I had a game plan, I got better with practice and refined my skills.
Dr. Swartz’s Step 2CS book and physical diagnosis CD helped a great deal as well … they are excellent resources. This test is definitely about communication. Having that game plan was key…and C3NY helped me to formulate a successful plan!
Thank you again.
Maggie Teluche, M.D., Haiti
Dear Dr. Swartz and Miss Anna Lank,
I finally overcame my nightmare (step 2 CS), I got the result yesterday: it was “PASS”.
Without the help of both of you, it would be impossible to make it. Your workshop was wonderful. I will keep telling my friends about it. Now I have met all of the requirements for ECFMG certification.
I attended your workshop at the end of August 2010, and I took the exam in October 2010.
Thank you again.
Junior Charles, M.D., Haiti
Good afternoon Dr Swartz,

I took the 3 day C3NY workshop with you on August 21st-23rd, 2017. Today, I learned that I passed! You may remember that I failed the exam on my first attempt. I improved in all areas after your program.

Your workshop is excellent for communication skills as you can see on my report. I took the test 1 week after the workshop with C3NY.

Matthew Callahan

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