Dear Dr. Swartz,
My name is Fidel Barrantes. I am a doctor from Peru who took your Step 2-CS workshops in late March.
Since the first day of the workshops, I learned a lot of things that I previously did not pay attention to before….little details that can make a difference between “Pass” or “Fail”. The three days were excelent, especially the last day where I could receive the feedback from the SPs, you, Anna and the other students around. Finally seven weeks after taking the exam, today, I received my results… I am very happy …I passed the exam… The Step 2-CS is now history for me.
Thanks for your help once more!
Fidel Barrantes, M.D., Peru
Dear Doctor Swartz and Anna,
I took this course with you a while ago, and I am very grateful I had the opportunity. I am pleased to tell you that I took and passed the step 2 CS.
I can tell you honestly that I felt comfortable when I took the exam. I believe this course was fundamental not only to take and pass the exam but also help us develop skills that are very important when interacting with patients. This course is excellent!
Thank you Dr. Swartz, Anna and all SPs,
God bless you,
V. M. Vera, M.D., Peru
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I just wanted to tell you that I passed step 2 CS. I am very happy, and I want to say “thanks” for the wonderful course. I took the March 2006 workshop.
I’m very happy I took the course which provided me the foundation to study and pass the exam.
Elena Davis, M.D., Peru
Dear Dr. Swartz,
In the Step 2CS workshop in August, we (all participants) promised you to send you an email if we passed the exam. I finally took my exam on September 8th. This morning I got my results which indicate that I passed the exam. I am very happy and proud of myself, and I wanted to thank you for teaching me how to manage an American patient. I learned many things during the workshop that I am sure I will apply during my training in a US hospital.
I remember that after my practice case the last day of the workshop, you told me: “You are going to pass this exam Fernando”. After that, I felt more confident, and I studied very hard for 3 more weeks, and you were right; I passed the exam.
I also want to thank Ms. Lank for her help, support and tips, and Ms. Drda for giving us a very good training on an SP.
Once again, thank you very much.
Fernando Hadad, M.D., Peru

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