Dear Anna,
I hope you remember me. I participated in September workshop and took the CS exam on November 10th. Finally I received the results two days ago and… I PASSED!!!
I would like to thank you and Dr. Swartz for helping me prepare for the exam, as well as improving my clinical skills for my future carrier. Please let Dr Swartz know that I feel honored to have had the opportunity to learn under his supervision and benefit from his knowledge.
Ran Ben-Cnaan, M.D., Israel
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I took my exam early February 2008 after 10 years since graduating medical school.
Initially I studied myself using the online forums and First Aid, but as a last minute decision I signed up for the January course. I think the course is very important for passing the exam. It was an eye opener realizing what the real focus of the test is.
I was also lucky to continue practicing with a friend I met during the course, doing ALL cases from Dr. Swartz’s book. Both my partner and I felt this combination prepared us extremely well for the exam, and many of the scenarios were familiar for us. I highly recommend it. Good luck!!
Noga Harizman, M.D., Israel
Dear Dr. Mark Swartz, Anna Lank and the entire team of C3NY,
I just received my passing mark for the clinical skills exam :) !
I enjoyed your course tremendously and think it is a critical course that should be embedded in every medical teaching center curriculum. Your standardized patients were amazing. Although I received rigorous training and clinical experience in a variety of settings, I gained a lot from this course. I give your course my highest recommendation.
Thank you so much for your time, effort, and patience.
Yitzhak Rosen, M.D., Israel
Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna,
I am happy to let you know that I passed the exam.
I would like to emphasize that the first time I took the exam I studied only from a book that everyone recommended. I thought that my experience, as a Family physician, and the book will pass me easily. It did not. I failed very badly in the CIS part.
And then I took your course and realized how much I had no clue about this exam. Thanks to you, I passed the exam and I did outstanding in the CIS part.
I highly recommend to others to take the C3NY course and not to take chances. I also would like to mention that your Skype SPs were great, very professional and helpful.
Thank you again,
Fanni Ratzon, M.D., Israel
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Step 2CS exam and to thank you very much for teaching me many good lessons about being a good doctor but also a good person!
Many of the lessons and tips I got from your workshop helped me pass the exam but more importantly, be a “listening”, compassionate and professional doctor!
Thank you very much! Shalom from Israel!
Yehonatan Weinberger
Hi Dr. Swartz,
I hope you remember me from your course back in December of 2007.
I’m writing you now to tell you that I passed the Step 2 CS exam. I really found out back in February…the reason I waited so long to write this e-mail though is a credit again to you. Not only did your course give me the confidence to pass the exam, I was subsequently able to enter the match. I was just placed today at Schneider Children’s Hospital for residency in pediatrics…my top choice.
I wanted to thank you for all your help and the confidence you instilled. You do a wonderful “chesed” (kindness) for people.
G. B., M.D., Israel
Dear Dr Swartz,
I have just got the results: I passed the Clinical Skills exam.
I wanted to thank you for that. Before taking your course, I did not really understand the true structure and purpose of this exam.
For me, this exam was more difficult than the other USMLE exams (Step 1 and Step 2 CK) as I am a trained Pathologist who works with tissues, microscopes and computers and does not deal with patients. I can therefore say, with full confidence, that I have passed this exam only and only due to your excellent training program.
Once again, Dr Swartz thank you so much for all your support, knowing you has been a great experience and an honor, to me!
Edmond Sabo, M.D., Israel
Dear Dr. Swartz,
You may remember me as the Israeli student in your June session. I wanted to thank you for teaching the C3NY course and for taking so much time and giving so much attention to all of us.
I am thrilled to write you that I passed the test and can now apply for a residency spot. As I mentioned to you, I will give the name of your course to our American program coordinator and recommend her to bring you to Tel Aviv. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart…
Michael Colin, M.D., Israel
Dear Anna Lank,
Finally, we have got the results! Rachel and I have passed the exam.
I am sure that without the C3NY course we wouldn’t have passed.
I would like to thank you and to thank Dr. Swartz for the very helpful course.
I recommend any IMG to take the C3NY course.
Thanks a lot,
Ronnie Cohen, M.D, Israel

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