Dear Dr. Swartz,
I hope you are doing well!
I would like to let you know that I passed the CS exam taken on December 15th 2012. I got the result just in a few minutes ago. I would like to very much appreciate for your workshop. for all your comments and suggestions you shared with me and for figuring me out to be able to pass this exam!
I will always remember you telling us: Listen to the patient; listen to the patient; the patient tells you what the next question should be! It worked!!!!
I will visit you in days ahead as well!
Masoud Asgari, M.D., Iran

Masoud Asgaru, MD, Iran, Video Testimonial

Dear Dr. Swartz ,
Thank you very much for all your assistance in your workshop which was a great help toward my passing result. I attended your workshop in July .
Your workshop was very productive time for me, and I felt much more confident after taking the class.
I am very happy that I had the opportunity to join your workshop, and I really recommend this class to all the other physicians who need to take CS exam.
I really appreciate all the advise, support, inspiration, and motivation that you gave us.
My especial thanks to Anna and other SPs because of their suggestions and comments.
Behnaz Sarlak, M.D., Iran
Dear Anna,
I got my result on 27th April and I passed the exam.
I wanted to thank you for all your help and advices. Regards to Dr. Swartz.
Alireza Jalilzadeh, M.D., Iran
Hi Dr. Swartz and the C3NY team,
Thank you all so much.
I can say the workshop was wonderful; it decreased my fears about the exam. After my exam I was so exhausted. I think C3NY workshop helped me a lot and increased my confidence. I recommend it to everybody.
I am taking my Step2CK in the end of the month.
Sorour Rahgoshay, M.D., Iran
Dear Anna,
I got my outcome on April 27th. I passed the exam.
Thank you and Thank Dr. Swartz. Actually the course helped me a lot.
I really appreciate all your help.
Arash Ehteshami, M.D., Iran
Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna,
I took your workshop in June 2005. I just received my exam result, and I passed.
Before the workshop, my self confidence to pass the exam was very low. The workshops were great. The good feedback from you, Anna and the Standardized Patients (SPs) were very helpful, even though I was only auditing Day 3.
I learned how to communicate properly with patients from your program. I would like to thank you and Anna for wonderful and effective workshops for Step 2CS.
Best Regards,
Shakiba Amini, M.D., Iran

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