Hi Anna,
I received my score report, and I PAAAASSSEED. I thought that I would not make it.
Thank you all in C3NY and special thanks to Dr. Swartz and the SPs.
The workshop was so good; I learned how to pass the exam. I think that this workshop is very useful, and it’s worth it to go to NY city to attend it even if you are far from NY.
Thanks again to you all. I’m very HAPPY that I passed and very happy that a lot of my friends who attended with me in the same workshop passed too.
Yazan Suradi, M.D., Jordan

Bushra Awidi, MD, Jordan, Video Testimonial

My dear Doctor and wonderful tutor Dr. Swartz,
I just checked my email after waking up from my afternoon nap to find a wonderful wonderful surprise: I PASSED THE CS-1st attempt.
I really really really want to thank you because before coming to your course I was a firm believer in the first aid book and as you noticed, I had memorized and practiced everything just like first aid book. And it wasn’t an easy task to switch all my methods in 3 days but I did it because I trusted you and your methods. In the test I had to many times bite my own tongue not to blurt out all the lists I had memorized and just go with the patient’s flow just like you taught us and it definitely worked.
You taught me something far beyond passing the test: you taught me how to interact with my patients in my real life and I’ll do that for as long as I practice.
THANK YOU so so so so much for everything.
Your Jordanian student,
Bushra Awidi, M.D., Jordan

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