Dear Dr. Swartz, Ms. Anna Lank, and all the SPs,
Thank you for everything!
I wanted to tell you my good news. I just received my CS result, and I “Passed”. I have been kept waiting for a long long time, 9 weeks. I joined your 2-CS workshop held in July.
Even though I am Japanese, and not a good English speaker your program gave me the confidence needed for passing the exam! You all taught me the essence for success! You told me how to interview properly; how to speak to patient in a difficult situation; how to get patient’s credit, everything that is actually important for being a good doctor. I wish I could have seen you earlier, when I became a doctor. What you taught me was totally fresh and helpful.
I am grateful to you all!
I am now going to order your new published edition of your book.
Thank you.
Yusuke Hashimoto, M.D., Japan
Dear Mark,
Long time no talk to you. I finally got Step 2CS result today, and I made it to pass!!!!!
Thank you for your all support. I never forget what you told me at airport at last moment “I believe you will pass the test”.
Currently, I work in hospital in Tokyo. But move to states this July to participate in fellowship.
Again thank you so much for your all help!!
Ryo Suzuki, M.D., Japan
Dear Dr. Mark Swartz and Ms. Anna Lank,
I am Norimitsu Kuwabara, the Japanese pediatrician who took your wonderful class in January 2010 and now I have passed Step 2CS!
I took Step 2CS in LA two days after C3NY Workshops. I owe what I am to you. I really appreciate all your help. I have now passed all my USMLE. I am ready to apply for peds residency.
Now I am going to move to Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hospital PedER/PICU fellow, the largest children’s hospital in Asia. I will write an article about C3NY soon and send it to the Japanese residency magazine. I want other Japanese doctors to know about C3NY and take your wonderful class!
Please keep in touch.
Norimitsu Kuwabara, M.D., Japan
Dear Dr. Swartz, Anna, and all SPs,
My name is Shunji Nagai, emailing from JAPAN. I attended your Feb Workshop, and I took the exam on the 13th of Feb. My score report just arrived, and I PASSED!!
In accordance with your suggestion, I did my best to communicate with SPs and not to follow the LIST. Actually, I forgot to ask a lot of questions I was supposed to ask, but I was not concerned about that during the exam at all because I trusted you.
Honestly speaking, I didn’t have confidence in communicating with patients who are native English speakers until I attended your workshop. Through the workshop, you gave me a lot of confidence in communication with native English speakers as well as in speaking English. I wouldn’t have passed without your help. I really really appreciate you and all your staff.
Now, I am immersed in happiness, but I will have to do a lot of things to get the fellowship position for tomorrow. I may apply for the position at your familiar hospital. If there is opportunity that I go to NY again, I would like to say ‘Thank you’ directly.
I highly recommend your workshop to anyone trying to pass Step 2CS!
Shunji Nagai, M.D., Japan
Dear Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank,
I passed Step 2 CS!
I sincerely thank you for all your help and hospitality. I think I got an important message from you, not only for the test also for my career, which is going to be always helpful for the rest of my life as a clinician.
Again, I appreciate all your support.
Yukiko Nagashima, M.D., Japan
Dear Anna,
How are you? I’ve not got contact with you for a while.
I’ve just got the result of the CS exam and I passed it!
Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.
Akane Ide, M.D., Japan
Hi Anna and Dr. Swartz,
Long time no see. I am Goichiro Toyoda (Dr.Chiro!!). I took your 3 days course Jan 14-16.
I took Step CS on Jan 25th, and I got the result today. I passed!!
During the exam, I was able to enjoy talking with the SPs. I sometimes had difficulty talking because of my poor English, however, I believe I was able to talk with them in human to human relationship. Many SPs had quit smoking and I admired them every time. And all of them smiled and became very cooperative. If I had not taken your course, I would not have known to do so.
Anyway, thank you so much for giving a wonderful course and correct information!
Goichiro Toyoda, MD, Japan

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