Good morning, Dear Anna and Dr. Swartz!
I am writing to say THANK YOU for everything you did!!!!
I passed my USMLE Step 2 CS from the first attempt and just received my score!!!!!!
Thank to all your team and personally to you both for your help! I cannot express my feeling how happy I was after leaving your course in May 2015, but I am many times happier now after receiving my score!!!!
Thank you both and all the SPs for your great help in teaching me to be a great doctor in USA!!!!!!
I’ve already recommended your course for my friends who just started their preparation for USMLE as a part of “must do” to continue a career here – in the USA! And I will definitely recommend your course for everybody!!!!!
Best of luck and one more time THANK YOU!!!!!
Ekaterina Bratysheva, M.D., Russian Federation
Hello Dr. Swartz, Anna and Ginny,
I took my exam on July 21 and got result back yesterday!!!!!!!! I passed it!!!!!!!!
Thank you for you help! I took my exam in Atlanta. I didn’t find the exam to be very difficult after your workshops, but I was a little bit nervous.
Thank you for everything!
Irina Boldt, M.D., Russia
Good morning Dr. Swartz.
I am Tatiana Sinitsina, if you remember me from the September C3NY workshops. I took the exam on November 7 and finally got the result. I passed!!!!
I appreciate every minute of your course and your comments. In three days we got the most valuable, compact information needed to succeed on CS. After the course, I followed your advice and practiced my English with “American English Pronunciation Program” and also prepared the cases. On the exam, the most difficult part for me was time; the rest, due to your workshops, I felt quiet comfortable and confident.
Thank you, Dr. Swartz, Mrs. Anna, and your SPs! I would be happy to have my comments on your web page. And one more time THANK YOU!
Tatiana Sinitsina, M.D., Russia
Dear Dr. Swartz!
Thank you and your team for good work!
I passed my Step 2CS Exam! As you told us, I had not absolutely any idea about this exam at the end of exam’s day. Of course, I forgot to do a lot of things, but I tried to listen to every patient. And I was successful!
I’ll recommend your workshop to all my friends.
Thank you again, I wish you the best.
Marina Tilich, M.D., Russia
Dear Dr. Swartz & Anna,
I passed the exam on April 21, 2008 in Philadelphia (one week after the workshop). It was my second attempt. The first attempt was in March 2007 in Atlanta.
The exam was not too difficult. I felt more confident after the C3NY Workshop, and after the accent reduction course.
I should have taken your workshop earlier!
Thank you very much.
Nadya, Russia
Dear Ms. Lank and Dr. Swartz,
I’m from the September 2011 workshop (the one with a baby). Had my CS exam 5 days after the workshop in Chicago.
A couple of days ago I received the results. Thank God and thank you, I passed! My report shows very high performance in Data Gathering, what I attribute solely to your course.
Because of low typing speed, I was really nervous about Patient Notes, so I also used Dr. Swartz’s advice to put the most relevant information in the first sentence (like: the patient with a history of XXX, currently on YYY, now presents with ZZZ). It really helped a lot. Thank you again.
Polina Makovskaya, M.D., Russia
Dear Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank!
I took my exam on July 26, and felt pretty terrible afterwords.
Thanks to you, I knew damn well what I had to do, and how. But, as Dr. emphasized, this is not a perfection they’re looking for. For me it was hard to believe, but I’ve realized this when received my report two days ago – and it says – PASS!!!
I’m so happy, and grateful to you. You’re doing an exellent job, helping IMGs like me to get through this ordeal. Please pass my very special thanks to Charles and the other SPs; their feedback was invaluable.
I wish you all the best.
Yuliya Perch, M.D., Russia
Dear Dr. Swartz,
Please forgive me for such a long silence. Endless waiting for the CS result began to get the best of me, so I decided to abandon the temptation of checking Oasis every five minutes and escaped to an Oasis of my own. I got back yesterday – replenished and much more sane and elated to discover my passing CS report! It took more than eleven weeks! (my exam was on July 30 in Philadelphia ). But all is well that ends well.
I know that your CS workshops are just the beginning of what the Clinical Competence Center is meant to be. Your work answers a call that would otherwise fall on deaf ears. I also hear it resonating and would consider it an honor to be of help to you in any way.
You rekindled in me the excitement of knowing that everything I embrace as truth today is just a small part of what I will eventually be able to recognize. Thank you for your kindness, your devotion, your care.
Elina Tsyvkin, M.D., Russia
Dear Dr. Swartz,
This is message from Natalia Vojtovich who had a pleasure to participate in Clinical Workshop on May, 2006. My trip from Chicago to New York wasn’t useless: I passed Step 2 CS! I wish I would take your course earlier. In that case I would have passed my exam without failure on first attempt.
You and your team are doing great job. You help us, FMGs, to gain more confidence, to adjust our knowledge and skills to US medical environment and eventually pass the exam. After your clinical workshop everything on the real exam was predictable, time wasn’t so pressuring and almost all patients encounters were more easily manageable.
Thank you a lot for helping us to make first steps towards getting to medical field in U.S.!
Natalia Vojtovich, M.D., Russia
Good morning Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank!
Your mornings should be good when you receive thankful messages from your students. I promised you on our last day that I’m going to pass, and I’ve kept my promise.
Without you, it wouldn’t have happened. You are marvelous team and I’m speechless about Dr. Swartz. I couldn’t even picture this level of professionalism, creativity, love to what you doing and such respect to every student, your incredible patience.
God bless you all.
Anna Pudinak, M.D., Russia
Hi Anna!
I received my score report on 12/10/2008. I passed. I’m very happy!
Again, I thank you all and Dr. Swartz for the tremendous help in understanding this exam. The C3NY class showed me a whole new perspective of medical practice.
Dmitry Mezentsev, M.D., Russia
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I participated in your course in April and passed the test in May.
Thank you very much!
Mikhail Barchugov, M.D., Russia
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I would like to thank you, Anna Lank and all SPs in that you are guys doing for us on everyday basis! I passed!
This C3NY Workshop is really important and helpful for preparation. Using a chance I want to say to future exam-takers that Step 2CS is not an “easy” exam as many people write on different forums. It is important not to underestimate the level of challenge, but when you pass – the feeling is even better than after Step 1 or CK!
Good luck!
Roman Maximov, M.D., Russia
Dear Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank,
I would like to inform you that I have passed the exam!
Thank you very much for your help and support, for your professionalism and patience. Your course was extremely useful for me and I believe for many others. I wish you good luck in everything.
Take care,
Timor Litvinov, M.D., Russia

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