Saudi Arabia

Hello Anna and Dr. Swartz
Well I was hesitant about my preparation after taking your course. After the exam I felt lousy because I thought I did bad even though I remember Dr. Swartz saying if you feel bad after the exam, you probably did a good job.
Well I got my results, and I passed! Taking your course was really helpful.
Thank you,! Please send my regards to Dr. Swartz.
Abdullah Alhammadi, M.D., Saudi Arabia
Dear Dr. Swartz
I wish this finds you well.
I’m glad to let you know that I have passed Step 2CS with a high performance!
The 3 days course with you was an incredible experience, and I really learned a lot. I’m going to recommend your course to the people who would take the CS exam.
Thank you Dr. Swartz. It was a pleasure to work with you and again this was a great experience in my life!
Haytham Mously, M.D., Saudi Arabia

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