Dear Dr. Swartz,
I received my CS score today…I passed!!!!! Thank you C3NY for all the help!!! I don’t know how I could have make it without going to C3NY’s amazing classes. I am proud of being one of C3NY’s workshop members.
Fond regards,
Alicia Huang, M.D., Taiwan
Dear Dr. Swartz:
I am the doctor from Taiwan (Chao-Yu Liu) who joined your C3NY workshop in March. I am delighted to tell you that I passed the CS exam in May.
The information you’ve given us was indeed helpful not only for this exam but also for the coming clinical practice in the US.
After your workshop, I joined several other workshops held in other places. I probably joined all the available CS workshops in US due to my lack of self-confidence. However, after experiencing all these CS workshops, I think I might be the one person who has the best experience for preparing for Step 2CS.
After these experiences, I would like to sincerely tell you that the way you taught us was fantastic. The main idea you taught us that “forget the mnemonics and focus on patient instead” was absolutely right and essential. You are the only one among the teachers in these workshops telling me the better way to approach American patients.
Now, I am on my way to the USMLE step 3 and the coming Match.
I wish you can continually help more international medical doctors achieve their goals. Enjoy the teaching.
Chao-Yu Liu, M.D., Taiwan

William Winardi, MD, Taiwan, Video Testimonial

Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna,
We passed CS!!!
Thank you so much for all the help. We are so happy we had the C3NY course before our electives, and also had standardized patient Skype sessions before the exam.
I think C3NY improved us in all 3 parts for the exam, but the CIS was a guaranteed part. We both had the same high performance in the CIS part. At the end of the course, the advice we got was to practice, so we practiced the ICE and SEP together and by Skype with your standardized patients. The CIS concept you implanted into our mind at the very beginning of the workshop WORKED!
Thank you again for your teaching and the feeling of support. C3NY not only gave us knowledge, but also the confidence that we can do it.
We are very happy to have had you and Anna last summer. That was a precious memory for us!
Thank you very much 🙂
Thanks to you both and the standardized patients again…thanks for all your help! Big hug to you both!
Ching (Taiwan) & Rui (China)
Dear Dr. Swartz, Anna,
Got my report today. I passed. Thank you for your teaching.
For future test takers, I can’t emphasize more on Communication parts. I forgot knocking the door few times, but remained in good attitude and caring in each encounter.
I missed a lot on data gathering and physical exams. Thought I am going to fail it, but still passed with high marks.
It’s not about medicine; it’s really about professional communication.
I am glad to share my excitement with you and wish you the best!
G.T., M.D., Taiwan

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