Dear Dr. Swartz,
I passed the Step 2CS exam. Thank you very much.
The workshop was really helpful. Many thanks to the entire team.
I will for sure recommend your workshop for anyone who asks. You are an amazing teacher; you could, in just three days, provide us with the necessary information and techniques in a unique respectful manner for everyone in the group.
Samar Said, M.D., Syria

Mohamad Hanouneh, MD, Syria, Video Testimonial

Dear Dr. Swartz,
I’m writing to say that I PASSED the CS Exam.
Thanks to GOD, and thank you so much for your help. That was really appreciated.
Ibrahim Hanouneh, M.D., Syria
Hi Dr. Swartz & Ms. Lank,
I am Mohamad Hanouneh. I joined C3NY in April, 2012.
I got my Step 2CS report today. I passed and I send this email as we promised.
The course is amazing. I will for sure recommend your workshop for everyone. It is really the best way to prepare for Step 2CS and to pass it.
Thanks so much for helping me pass.
Mohamad Hanouneh, M.D., Syria

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