Why Do I Need a Prep Course Anyway?


"Why do I need a prep course for USMLE Step 2 CS anyway?" This is a question we get frequently here at C3NY, so let's break it down for you.   

You want to exponentially increase your chances at a first time pass. There is no doubt that with the accurate up-to-date in-depth preparation you will receive at C3NY, you substantially increase your ability to pass the USMLE Step 2 CS exam. We have the absolute latest information on the exam, and have a 97% pass rate among our students, whether it's your first time taking the exam or not.

You feel your med school did not adequately prepare you. Don’t fault your medical school — they have more than enough to cover with the regular medical school curriculum! At C3NY, Step 2 CS prep is our sole focus, and we go in-depth about all parts of the exam in a way your medical school cannot. 

You are an International Medical Graduate (IMG). If you have no or limited contact with American patients, you need to learn information about how to approach an encounter with an American patient, and then you need to *practice* with an American patient. The Standardized Patients who work with us at C3NY have years of experience coaching students to pass the USMLE exam.


All that you know about the exam comes from chatter from colleagues or internet. Do not trust the majority of what you read on the internet. Fake news doesn’t just apply to politics! Take it from the experts; study and prep with the most current information. Frequently after the first day at C3NY, the Clinical and Interpersonal Skills (CIS) Intensive, students come to us and say, “I had it all wrong. My approach to the exam is exactly the opposite of what I need; I see that now.”

You don’t know what CIS, ICE and SEP mean. If you are unsure of exactly what is on the exam, you need to  get a clear picture of precisely what the USMLE terms CIS - Clinical and Interpersonal Skills, ICE - Integrated Clinical Encounter and SEP - Spoken English mean. These are the three areas in which you are graded. We break down each of the elements so that your path to success becomes clear.

You need to get all the information you can in the shortest amount of time. A huge advantage of a prep course is that the information is concentrated over three days, giving you all the crucial information and help you need in the shortest amount of time. We offer Skype practice sessions with experienced standardized patients after your workshop.

You were not successful on your first attempt for the exam. You clearly need to find out what you did wrong. The score reports that are received do not really pinpoint exactly how to proceed to become successful on your next attempt; we can help you figure that out.

What exactly are they looking for on the physical exam? There are certainly differences between what you may have been taught regarding the PE maneuvers, and what you need to demonstrate on the exam. Dr. Swartz, the author of Textbook of Physical Diagnosis, which is used all over the globe, shows you precisely the techniques necessary to complete your physical exam in the limited time allowed on the USMLE Step 2 CS exam.

So now that you know why, it's time to register for a prep course! Check out the available dates and discounts here, and we hope to see you in NYC soon! 

Yours in excellent Step 2 CS prep,

The C3NY Team