Dear Dr. Swartz and Ms. Anna Lank,
I am Dr. Phani Bhushan one of your students during the April session. I gave my exam on 23rd April at Atlanta, just 2 days after the course, and I have passed the exam finally.
I full heartedly thank you both for helping and guiding me to enable this. I am so happy for having achieved this, as this was one of those steps in life which has taught me many things. I adopted your way of data gathering and I have passed this time. Your classes also have given me an insight of the US culture and medical practice which will help me in my future career.
I wish you both the very best and request you to continue your courses as long as you can to enable many students like me to achieve their dreams.
Thank you so much once again.
Warm regards,
Dr. Bhushan, Ireland

Matthew Callahan

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