Dear Colleagues,
I’m Zilvinas Zakarevicius, and I was in your C3NY course in October 2008. You can recall me as Dr. Z. I took CS exam at 22 of October in Chicago (1 week after our course). Yesterday, I got the result – PASS.
This exam wasn’t easy to me and the reason was English as second language and lack of medical experience in US. In that way, your course was wonderful. I was confident as a physician, but during the C3NY course, you gave me exactly suggestions how I should prepare myself for this exam. And I followed these suggestions during my exam and the result – PASS.
You did wonderful job and really helped me to escape – thank you.
Now is coming Christmas time, and I wish you happiness, peace and continue your very important job. Good luck for your new students during the exam as well.
Sincerely yours,
Zilvinas Zakarevicius, M.D. (Dr. Z), Lithuania

Matthew Callahan

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