Cayman Islands

Greetings Dr. Swartz,
I took the Step 2CS class back in April 2016. I go to St. Matthews University and, if you remember, my mom had been your student at Mount Sinai.
In April, I actually did not have a scheduled date because my school wanted me to first complete a class. I ended up taking Step 2CS in Philadelphia on August 16th! My reporting period began this Wednesday – and wouldn’t you know – my score report was in my inbox on Wednesday at 8:30am!! PASS PASS and PASS! I went through all the emotions Dr. Swartz!
After the exam I was so worried about everything that I may not have done – did I wash my hands long enough? Was my physical exam sufficient? Did I remember to write such and such in the note? … Lord knows I almost gave myself an ulcer.
Now, I can’t even thank you enough for the techniques that you showed us during the course. Those 15 minutes, personally, went by feeling like 5!!! Thankfully, I was never short on time or ran out of time. I truly appreciate you and those three days of prep so much more after having taken the exam.
Without making this an essay, I just want to tell you thank you again for helping me and students like me through this crazy time of our medical journey! I cannot repay you, Anna or the SP’s for what you’ve taught me and the confidence that you gave me walking into that exam!
A million thank you’s,
Candace Griffith, Cayman Islands

Matthew Callahan

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