Dear Anna Lank,
I took Step 2CS, just 2 months after the C3NY workshop (2006), and I passed the exam, but importantly, I felt very comfortable during the exam.
The C3NY was a very rewarding experience for me, and it was a positive turning positive point in building my confidence to practice medicine in the USA. Here’s a little history about me. I graduated in 1984 from a Cuban medical school. I practiced clinical medicine for 10 years and after that I only did research (Ph.D., post Doc, faculty work) in Spain and USA for almost 15 years. I was very dubitative about coming back to clinical work, but Dr. Swartz’s lectures changed my life and woke up my clinical spirit.
I’m a PGY3 now, very happy with my new life as a clinician in the USA. Moreover, I have a daughter (age 3 years), 1 son (1 year) in medical school and one will start pre-med soon. My gift to them will be to pay for their C3NY workshop.
All of the best for you and Dr. Swartz!
Thanks again for your help.
Cesar A. Santana, M.D., Cuba
Hello Anna,

I just learn that I pass my Step 2CS exam. I want to thanks all of you for your help and your great work, thanks to Dr Swartz, Charles and all the staff!

Thank you so much!!!
Jenny Caballero, M.D., Cuba

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