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Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna Lank:
I want to inform you that I have passed the Step 2 CS. I want to thank you for your help. It has been a long ride for ride for me since I had to take the exam a second time and wait for 2 whole months to see the results. After failing the first time, I took your workshops.
I want to encorauge you to keep helping people pass this exam by giving them a real picture of what is expected from the examinee on the exam. The lesson that I can draw from this experience is that to pass this exam more than any other you have to know exactly what it is that they are evaluating. I had never failed any exam ever in my life, and I felt devastated when I learned that I had failed the first time on what appeared to be the easiest of all exams. But I am a warrior and I believe that people should learn from their mistakes. I think that I failed the 1st time because I went into the exam to get a medical Hx and do a physical exam because I thought that was mainly what the exam was about. The result was that I passed 2 thirds of the exam but I compromised the 1/3 that I think can be easily overlooked with time pressure over your shoulders which is the CIS. But thanks to your teachings I went into the exam the second time with a different mentality and it worked.
Thank you very much.
Junot Diaz, M.D., Dominican Republic
Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna:
I feel a great sense of relief, happiness, and above all gratitude.
I think things happen for a reason. When I failed the CS on my first attempt, I was shocked and deeply saddened; I had never failed anything in my life. After I went through all the typical stages of grief, I came to the conclusion that this too must have happened for a reason.
I believe that the reason was to get a better understanding of what this test is really about. After taking your workshop, it was obvious to me that there was so much misinformation out there.What I learned at C3NY was short and simple, but to me it made a world of difference. I feel that the helpful recommendations, suggestions, and ideas you gave us helped me, not only for the CS but for my career in general.
I must confess: I did not study for the second attempt as I did for the first one. I felt that what I had learned at C3NY was not something that could really be studied, but rather something that you absorb slowly and contemplate on, and then use because it makes so much sense!!!
And this approach worked, just like you said it would Dr. Swartz.
Thank you for your help!
Cathy G., M.D., Dominican Republic
Dear C3NY Team:
I apologize for not contacting you sooner, but I would like to thank you very much, because thanks to the advice I received in the course I was able to pass my exam. The course was very helpful, specially because it gave me the confidence I needed to confront the SPB4s.
C3NY did an excellent job at preparing me for the exam, everything Dr. Swartz said during the three day course was extremely useful. Dr. Swartz is an excellent teacher, because he taught us step by step how to confront each case. He also gave us key information on how to write the patient notes, I was able to use all the information during my exam, which helped me to succeed.
For me what helped me the most was the confidence Dr. Swartz gave me. Simple breathing exercises before entering each examination room, to smile to the SP, always keep eye contact and the conversation flowing, I think all these hints were what helped me.
I think the workshop is perfect the way it is, because it covers everything we need for this exam, from the greeting exercise to the information we need to write the patient note.
This is an excellent workshop, the best there is! Thank you again because without your help I would not have been able to pass the exam.
Thank You Dr.Swartz, Anna Lank, and the rest of the team.
Glenda Alberto M.D., Dominican Republic

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