Puerto Rico

Hello Dr. Swartz & Anna,
I’ve just got my scores back today, and I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t thank you enough for the workshop. The exam was easier than the review, the sp’s were less dramatic and not the best actors.
Thanks again, and I have spread the voice that you are the best!
Damaris Cruz, M.D., Puerto Rico
Hello Dr. Swartz,
I was part of the NYMC group you taught a few months ago. I just got my report today, and I passed! Thank you so much!!!
What you taught us really does go beyond the scope of this exam, and I learned a lot about what the doctor-patient relationship is really about.
Once again, thank you so much!
Eduardo Morfa, Puerto Rico
Hey Dr. Swartz,
Hope all is well. I passed! I am sending my step 2 USMLE step 2 CS score for you to see..
Appreciate all your advise… it worked out!
Alexander Figueroa, Puerto Rico
Dear Dr. Swartz, Ms. Lank and C3NY staff:
This is Juan JosE9 CintrF3n GarcEDa. I took your course February 9, 10 and 12 2009. I am writing with good news, but first of all I would like to thank you all so much for the terrific guidance and advice in the sole purpose of providing me with the preparation to succeed in the USMLE CS exam.
I truly appreciate Dr. Swartz’s sincere points of view and his wisdom; they certainly helped me understand the expected level of skill and knowledge.
I took the exam on April 14; last Wednesday June 24 I got my results, and I passed. I cannot describe how happy I am.
Your honest advice and my effort really paid off.
I wish you all the best. Thanks a lot.
Juan Jose Cintron Garcia, M.D., Puerto Rico
Dear Dr. Swartz and Anna Lank,
I just got my Step 2 CS results and I passed with flying colors. I would like to thank you for offering such a great course and will definitely recommend it to everyone that I see. I am extremely happy right now.
Thank you for everything!
Hector Delucca, M.D., Puerto Rico

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