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I just wanted to update you on my Step 2CS results. I found out I passed last week. I attended your course May 9-11, 2016 and then scheduled my exam last minute on May 23 and took it May 24 in Los Angeles.

There were many cases that I finished very quickly and was concerned that maybe I should have asked more questions. Anyway I just wanted to thank you and Anna for your help! My success is your success!
Gipanjot Dhillon, USA

Jamil Shah, MD, United States, Video Testimonial

I was at your course in November 2015… I just received my score today and I’m very happy to report that I passed!

Thank you all very much for your help! Your course went a long ways in building my confidence and helping me know what to expect stepping into this exam. I’d also like to thank you for your emergency exit strategy, unfortunately I had to use it during the exam more than once, but I think that it really helped with a patient encounter that otherwise would have been awkward.

I hope that you’re all doing well and getting dug out from all that snow!

Thank you again for your help.
Sam Snyder, USA
I am emailing you today to once again thank you for preparing me for Step 2 CS.

I just found out this morning I passed the exam and have attached the results. The ICE grade was a bit borderline, but I think it was because I could have had better judgment with the focused physical exam skills. My CIS was extremely strong!

Thank you!

As far as March 2016, I have gone to 21 internal medicine interviews which is a bit overboard but I just wanted to be sure about my decision for the match.

Thanks again for all your help!
Andrew J., USA
I want to say thank you both for the Step 2CS class. I believe if it weren’t for the workshop I would have failed. It was certainly worth it to fly from California to New York to take your course. I’ll be sure to tell other SGU students how useful the class was.
James Dui, USA
I just wanted to write to you all personally thanking you so much for your help.
I failed the first time I took the Step 2 CS, but thanks to your course and some practice with friends I retook the exam and PASSED!
Because of you, I at the very least can graduate from medical school and hopefully obtain a residency. Thank you so, so much for everything! I have attached my score report to show you how well I did on the exam after taking your course.
William Nickles, USA
Guess what…I did it, I passed the test; today I received the result.

One old lady (sp) after I finished the case, said (thank you very very much), I realised that I did well and very well.

Thanks to you for the great effort you spent with us. Thanks to Anna too for her talent to organise, to give remarkable observation, and the way she handles the course. I do not think without the course it would be possible for me to pass. I went to the exam very relaxed. I did not write any notes in front of the SPs. I found the time very enough, because I applied what Dr. Swartz told us.

The course was wonderful, and I recommend it to all I know in the medical field. I wish you could organize a program for step3.
Seif Alamin, M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank,
After eight agonizing weeks of anticipation, the verdict is in, and I PASSED my USMLE Step 2CS exam!
I’m writing this letter to express my deep gratitude for all the hard work that you both put in on a daily basis to genuinely help students achieve their dream. I honestly believe that any student who has had the pleasure of experiencing the honesty, humility, and great care in the work educators such as yourselves display, is truly blessed.
I must say, in retrospect, my exam was particularly unorthodox, so the confidence I had entering the exam with the knowledge I attained at your workshops, quickly dissipated. However, after applying the basic principles you taught us that could not be found in the many texts I had previously read, I found that exam is a totally doable exam, and those that have not had the opportunity of attending your workshops are at a severe disadvantage. I am speaking as a US born foreign trained physician, in stating that this exam is not a test of English, or even of your medical knowledge, it is a test of communication, and patient approach that I feel no review book to date has accurately been able to outline. This is why I found that the C3NY Workshops were essential to my success. To say that I am an advocate would be an understatement, and I am truly thankful to the both of you from the bottom of my heart. You have made this last seemingly insurmountable obstacle much easier for me to get through, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Good luck, and I hope to keep in touch.
Jijoe Joseph, M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz, et al:
I am happy to inform you that I just received my passing score on the CS exam.
I took your review course at NYMC in April (part of the 5th Pathway program). Your course was extremely helpful in preparing me for the exam, particularly the days we practiced with the SP’s. Although I was very nervous the day of the actual exam and felt rather unsure afterwards, it was your course and advice that equipped me to pass. On the whole, I found that the actual exam day cases were more basic and straightforward than the practice ones we had with you which is what you told us.
I’m also grateful for your physical exam CD from your book because it’s a great reference tool for general clinical practice. Thank you so much and best regards.
Christina Huckabay, USA
Dear Anna,
Just to let you know that I found out I passed and to thank you, Dr. Swartz, and the SPs for teaching us the keys to do well on this exam.
Again, Thank You.
Felix, USA
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I attended your workshop on May 21-23, and I took my exam on June 6th in Chicago.
I always remembered you saying throughout the whole workshop that this exam was more of a test of communication than it was of medical knowledge. Even after the workshop, I was still skeptical of this statement. But as I kept on studying and practicing the techniques that I had learned in the course, I developed an understanding from this course that treating the patient physically is just as important as it is to treat the patient emotionally and spiritually through communication. The SP’s in the course had drilled this concept into our heads and many thanks to all of them. As I took the exam, this concept and the important tools that you had taught us was absolutely, unequivocally the key essential in my successful completion of the CS exam.
I must say that I highly recommend this course to everyone who is taking this exam, because the tools that you Dr. Swartz taught us cannot be found in ANY textbook. From the depths of my heart, I thank you Dr. Swartz, Anna and to all the SP’s for your dedication and hard work in training us to conquer this insurmountable task.
Sanju V. George, M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz, Anna and all the SP’s,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart all of your help in preparing me for the USMLE Step 2 CS. I just read my result, and I PASSED!
I found the exam to be less difficult than the C3NY workshops. These workshops definitely prepared me in passing the exam. In particular, I was amazed to find the “talking in a coffee shop” worked. The insights I was given gave me skills to pass this exam for prepared me for my future patient encounters.
Again, I would like to extend my overwhelming joy and gratitude to each and every one that is part of the C3NY team. Excellent work from excellent people!
Thanks to all of you. I can now go on and accomplish my goal in becoming a physician.
Ron Ramirez, M.D., USA
Dear Anna,
Hello, Anna. Hope all are well. I am writing to give you an update on my STEP 2 CS experience.
I took it in Houston on Feb 1st and received a passing score on April 5th (it took 9 weeks). I really believed that I had failed because I feel that I did not do as through a job (examination wise) as I had done the year previous. The one thing that I did do differently this time was to do a solid two minute recap of each encounter with the patient and give recommended counseling pertaining to each individual problem. I suppose this was the key to my success.
Now, finally, on to residency. Thank you for the opportunity to study at your course; I enjoyed it and feel that it did help prepare me to pass the CS exam. I respect and admire Dr. Swartz, and consider him one of my medical education instructors. I use his text as my H & P reference.
W. G. Brown, M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I would like to thank you for all the efforts you have made to create such a helpful, learning environment in your class.
The textbook, dvds and especially your prompt personal advice were very helpful to me and greatly enhanced my class experience. All will help me in residency program also.
The willingness with which you took time out of your busy schedule to patiently help me even after the workshop toward achieving my career goals is much appreciated, and is another reason why I would recommend your class to anyone.
Thank you very much,
David A., M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank,
I’m so sorry I didn’t email you as soon as I received my results…but I PASSED!!!!! It took me a day to fully realize that I am now licensed for the Clinical Skills portion of Step 2…thanks to GOD and thanks to YOU BOTH!
I don’t think you realize the impact you both have on the lives of individuals like me…after failing, you lose hope, you lose focus and you lose faith in yourself. However, having met you both and becoming a part of the “C3NY” family, my confidence grew, hour by hour, literally, while sitting in your class.
You made the impossible seem possible. This exam is definitely no joke, as many people seem to think “memorize the FA, and you’re done”. I memorized the FA, i wasn’t done. I didn’t realize that the USMLE actually is concerned with whether we students have the ability to BE COMPASSIONATE, CONCERNED AND CARING! WHO KNEW?! I didn’t. First Aid doesn’t mention that.
Your techniques are fantastic. Ms. Lank, your “coffeetalk” advice DID SO MUCH FOR ME. I swear there were times when I just felt like fainting. I got that “BLANK STARE” from EVERYONE OF MY PATIENTS. If it wasn’t for your voice in my head, I wouldn’t have seen past it. I kept hearing, “SMILE, TALK, ASK, NOD, SMILE, SMILE, CARE.”
I sincerely Thank You both from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for teaching me there’s more to medicine than getting “the history”. You guys made my dream come true….I couldn’t have done it without you.
GOD’s Blessings Be Upon You Always. You complete the M.D. Degree.
Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and devotion. I love you guys!!!!
Anna Colacino, M.D., USA
Hello Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank,
I just wanted to let you know that I got my score, and I passed!
Thanks so much for all your help. You all really went the extra mile for us (particularly for me, by allowing me to use your stethoscope).
I hope you continue to provide your excellent course for many years to come.
Waseem Ahmed, M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I am writing you to let you know that both my wife and I passed the Step 2CS exam after taking your C3NY Workshop.
I want to thank you for the help and tips, for sure they were the tools to that gave us this great news.
Have a great week.
Juan Carlos Conde San Miguel, USA
Dear Anna and Dr. Swartz,
Good morning,
I was in your class in August. I took osteopathic version of Step 2CS called Comlex PE on September 10, and I found today that I passed.
I am now done with all Comlex series and USMLE Step 1 and Step 2CK. I have now more interviews than what I could handle.
I, my wife and my son are very thankful to you and your team. This exam was the last hurdle before my graduation . You are a great instructor and clearly know well about this exam. I think more New York schools and IMGs should take your C3NY workshop. Thanks again!
Best regards,
Syed Anwarulislam, USA
Hello Dr. Swartz,
Just wanted to thank you because I passed Step 2CS! So did my fiancé!
We were so worried because of what happened with the scheduling, but we never lost hope.
Thank you again for your help and all that you taught us. Hope you are well.
Thanks again,
Heidi Mandry, USA
Dear Ms. Lank and Professor Swartz,
A little over two months ago I took part in your June workshops. Two weeks after the workshop I took Step 2 CS. To be honest, I have never walked into an exam feeling as confident and in control as I did that day. And I did that because that’s how you made me feel after your workshop. That being said, I got my results in the mail today. Before I could get tachycardic, I ripped open the envelope to see the big bold print that said PASS! So it’s done.
I just want to thank you two and all at C3NY for your help, for all the valuable advice you gave. Taking the workshop was the best decision in preparation for this exam.
I thank you all again so very much, and I pray for the continued success of the program and for all your students.
Thank you!
Roby Rajan, M.D., USA
Hi Dr Schwartz,
Thanks for the kind warm words and encouragement, it is an honor to be one of your students , you modify my testimony as you want and I’ll be honored to have my testimony under the great red white and blue my home sweet home ,
Thanks again for all the great help and the beautiful heart you have ,
May God bless you
Mohamed Eldessouky, USA
I got my CS result today and I passed. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me.

The course made a huge impact on the CIS, as Dr. Swartz said. I think the additional practice with the Skype patients was helpful. My score was a negative star last time and was well past the borderline region this time. I had one patient who was a 57 y/o menopausal woman who I felt my bedside wasn’t as confident. That could have affected my score.

I spent about 3-4 minutes of the 15 minute encounter with counseling and addressing patient concerns. That was where the previous courses from Kaplan and NYCSprep failed. My expectations of Kaplan are low but NYCSprep didn’t even address counseling seriously.

The ICE was passing but barely passing. I’m really not sure as to the criteria used. I feel like I did well with counseling on most patients but missed certain things on certain patients from the counseling perspective.

For example, I know there was one two patients who had no deep tendon reflex in the knee and one patient had several sexual partners and I didn’t counsel but mentioned it in the note. Another was a teenage girl who insisted that she was not sexually active.

It would be interesting to know how the criteria is gathered for ICE though because it looks like my score just barely budged, but just enough for a pass.

In any event, I am happy and relieved to have finished my medical school requirements and can now apply for my ECFMG certificate and graduation.
Mahidhar Reddy, USA
I wanted to inform you I received my grade today, and I come bearing good news…I PASSED!

I can’t tell you how much the program helped, honestly. Certain things that were taught Dr. Swartz and you were so crucial yet so minor that I feel it helped tip the scale. The course not only taught me how to approach this exam but to connect with patients through channels I would never have imagined. It truly gave a different perspective to patient-centered care.

Also, I want to mention my session with the trained SP was extremely beneficial. She reminded me of important things to do and mention during my encounters, and her expertise was invaluable.

Again, words can’t describe how beneficial the program was and thank you for all your help. I hope this email reaches you in good health.
Sulman Hasan, USA
I just wanted to write and say thank you for all of your help with the Step 2CS exam.

I took the C3NY workshop in New York in October 2014 and felt the workshop made all the difference in passing. The workshop was so insightful on what to expect, and I could not have done it without all of you. Thank you so much and I am truly grateful.
Cesar Avalos, M.D., USA
A little over two months ago I took part in your June workshops. Two weeks after the workshop I took Step 2 CS. To be honest, I have never walked into an exam feeling as confident and in control as I did that day. And I did that because that’s how you made me feel after your workshop. That being said, I got my results in the mail today. Before I could get tachycardic, I ripped open the envelope to see the big bold print that said PASS! So it’s done.

I just want to thank you two and all at C3NY for your help, for all the valuable advice you gave.Taking the workshop was the best decision in preparation for this exam.

I thank you all again so very much, and I pray for the continued success of the program and for all your students.

Thank you!
Roby Rajan, M.D., USA
Salutations and Greetings Anna, Dr. Swartz and expecially Charles and the SP’s……
This is HS….you know…the tall, slightly chubby yet utterly endearing student of yours from the July workshops….
I finally got my step 2 cs results from July 29th in Philly…..I passed…..Thank you so much for everything….Dr. Swartz was so right on with everything he said….Especially about the “Are you comfortable?” and “Is there anything else you wanted to tell me?” There were 6 instances out of 12 where they had something very important that they wanted to get off their chests…..
Honestly…..What a deal…..C3NY for life!!!!!!
P.S Any SP openings….I think I would be pretty good.
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I just received my CS results yesterday (took the exam 5/19 in LA), and I passed. Thank goodness! I also learned that I passed the CK this past Monday so it was a good week for me.
Thank you for your help with the CS (I took your course in April as part of the 5th Pathway program at NYMC). As you had assured us, the real exam was not nearly as difficult as the mock one. Realizing that it was a test of communication skills rather than medical knowledge made me feel much more relaxed. I tried to view each SP as a real patient and acted as I normally would with one. This was the key to my success.
Thank you again!
Elissa Braitman, USA
Dear C3NY,
I took the C.S. exam in Atlanta on July 14th. I very happy to say that I passed the exam. I received the results on August 17th. I felt your course was an excellent tool for preparation for this exam. As you foretold, the exam itself was easier than the cases given during your course. I felt very confident during the exam.
I am extremely satisfied with the C3NY program.
Philip Sudore, M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I attended the December 2006 C3NY course. The course helped me to become familiar with what is really being tested for on the Step 2CS course. Although the Step 2 CS exam was still very challenging and stressful, I was successful in passing this difficult exam.
I would highly recommend that any foreign medical school graduate consider taking this quality Step 2CS prep course before taking the exam. It can help alleviate anxiety and avoid potential pitfalls to passing this difficult exam. The course also allowed me to find a reliable and dedicated study partner. I am grateful for everyone’s help. Thank you.
Also, I now own your latest physical diagnosis book and will treasure it for many years to come! It is a great book.
Thank you for all of your help.
Timothy Church, M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz, Anna, & Ginny,
I highly recommend the C3NY review for the CS exam. Dr. Swartz, you have a great insight into Step 2CS, and it helped my colleagues and me to better understand the exam, take some of the mystery out it, and ease some of the anxiety associated with the exam. I felt confident on test day and passed on my first try.
All of you and the SPs presented not only the basic information needed to pass the CS exam, but stressed the importance of communicating not only information but also positive regard and understanding for patients. I personally felt re-energized about medicine as a career after the C3NY course.
Best regards,keep on teaching!
William V. Dewhirst, M.D., USA
Hey Dr. Swartz!!
My name is Isidoros Vardaros. I took your course this past August.
I am pleased to say that with your help I was able to pass CS on my first try. I have to admit that on Monday of the workshop I was extremely skeptical of your teaching tactics. But by Wednesday afternoon I knew that I was ready. Thank you once again.
Keep up the great work!!
Isidoros Vardaros, M.D., USA
Dear Anna and Dr. Swartz,
I got my score report today, and I cannot tell you the worry I have experienced since taking the exam November 30th. I was almost certain
after talking to students after the exam, as well as the feeling I had leaving some of my encounters that I was not going to pass the exam.
Today I opened the score report with my heart just pounding and I saw the word PASS. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and advice that I used during the exam.
I felt like everything your workshop you taught me I used on the exam whether I was planning to or not. Anna’s teaching of the deep breathing relaxed me as much as possible for the first encounter, but more importantly practicing the introduction just came out smoothly and as practiced almost second nature.
Despite the workshops short time frame I really feel like I learned communication skills to pass the exam, but also the ground work for how I question and approach patients currently during my rotations. I have found myself to have vast improvement in my rotations now when presenting and interviewing patients, as well as I find myself connecting more with an individual rather than just patient. I hope that luck will allow me to see the two of you someday, but for now I wish you guys the best of luck and thank you for all of your time and efforts you imposed on me. I was really introverted before taking your class, and now find myself not fearing and be more extraverted with regard to my patients.
Seth Lipka, M.D., USA
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I passed! Thank you. Your C3NY course gives students high yield information to pass and allows us to focus on what is actually being assessed.
Again, many thanks.
Dear Dr. Swartz and Mz Anna,
I am so thankful to GOD and then you. I got my score report yesterday!it says PASS.
I could not believe my eyes, read again and again and again. I attended your workshop a month before my exam in December. Your hard work, support, and belief in me gave me so much confidence that I was able to deal with this stressful exam.
Thank you so much. God bless you all!
Good Morning Dr. Swartz,
My score report just came in and you were the first person that I wanted to share the news with. I PASSED!!!
I took your course in July and practiced daily with another classmate from the July session. This was my third time taking the exam and passing this exam is the difference for me between being graduating or being dismissed from my medical school.
I am so grateful for all of the help you provided during your workshop. I have attached my score report.
Hello Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank,
I passed! As promised my report score is attached.
My biggest word of advice (as I learned from your workshop in May 2013): do not make up diagnoses that don’t really make sense. It’s ‘OK’ to have less information as long as it’s consistent with your thought process.
Practice, practice, practice!
Thank you.
Dear Dr. Swartz & Anna,
The C3NY course was an amazing experience. You both helped me gain confidence in my clinical abilities and re-focus my attention on the patient centered encounter. After taking the course in New York, I acquired the necessary skills to perform on test day. I Passed!
Thank you C3NY!
Shirley Mori, MD, USA
Dear Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank,
I am Eric Wong from New York University School of Medicine.
I just wanted to inform you that I successfully received word that I passed the Step 2 CS exam on my first attempt, receiving my results on 6/18/14. Thank so much for your instruction and guidance.
Eric A. Wong, MD, USA
Hello Dr. Swartz, Ms. Lank, and staff of C3NY,
I took the C3NY Workshop this past February, and I took the CS Exam two weeks later in Philadelphia.
I just found out that I passed!
I would like to thank all of you, especially you Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank, for all of your help, guidance, and support during the Workshop and prior to the Exam. Everything I learned not only helped me to pass, but will also help me become the best physician I can be in the future.
I’m looking forward to starting residency training this July. Thank you very much, and I wish all of you the best!
Jamil Shah, USA
Dr. Swartz’s C3NY Step 2 CS preparatory course was nothing less than fantastic!
By the time I took my actual exam, I felt so prepared and ready that I actually enjoyed myself throughout the entire 9 hours. Not only did I learn how to ace the exam, I also learned a lot about medicine and filled in a lot of gaps for myself in terms of patient interviewing.
Dr. Swartz’s acumen and support are unparalleled. I passed the exam on my first attempt!
I highly recommend this course to anyone taking the CS exam.
Anna Roberti, USA
Dear Anna and Dr. Swartz,
I am a man of my word. I am writing to inform you of my PASS on my second attempt at taking Step 2 CS.
When I failed the test the first time, I felt utterly hopeless. I didn’t know what to do differently. I had read a very popular review book that was recommended by my fellow classmates but failed. I didn’t know what to do, since that book obviously was not the solution for me. Your course was recommended to me by my school, and I am so glad that I took it.
Your course made me aware of things that I was doing wrong. This course gave me tools that not only really helped me on my exam, but is still helping me in my outpatient rotation now, and will most assuredly help me for the rest of my career. The things we discussed in your course were things that I definitely did not find in any textbook.
I am so relieved to have this proverbial monkey off of my back. Can’t wait to start my residency in July.
Adam M. Robison, USA
Dear Dr. Swartz, Ms. Lank, and Paul,

I passed! Thank you for everything!

Most sincerely,
Josh Breslin, USA
Hello Anna,

I learned today that I passed CS and am a doctor! It was a tense few months of waiting, wondering what the next year of my life will be like. Attached is my score report, sans name and USMLE ID. I continued this line of emails to make it easier to compare to score of my previous attempt at the exam.Thank you, Paul, and Dr. Swartz for all of your combined help. Happy Hanukah and happy holidays.

Noah Friedland (sans mustache), USA

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