Dear Ms. Lank,
I’m writing to tell you that I have passed the exam.
Received my score today!
You and Dr. Swartz were very important in my success!!!!
Thank you very much!
Cesar de Cesar Netto, M.D., Brazil
Dear Anna and Mark
I’ve just received my score report. I PASSED!
You know that I’m happy, and I really am, but more than that, I want to use this email to show how much I appreciate your help and how important C3NY was in my prep.
You made it real. You taught me those things that are not in the books. You made me more confident. You gave me the real feedback that I needed.
And the most important thing: I believed you from the first moment. For those who are using mnemonics and training with other IMGs like I was, you must agree that it’s hard to believe in your method, but during the first hours of your course I got the point, and from that moment on I followed 100% of everything I saw.
I told you right after my test that, regardless the result, I felt well prepared during the cases, and the SPs liked me, had no problem at all. And here is the result: PASS. Not my score, but OURS.
You deserve the best! I strongly recommend that everybody should do C3NY workshop, not just those who are going to do CS, but every doctor in training. C3NY is more than a test preparation, I could say that is a “life preparation”.
Besides preparing me for the test, you prepared me for life, I learned things there that I didn’t learn in 15 years of medical experience. You made me a better doctor.
Please fell free to contact me. I would like to share my experience with all the world, and would like to show everybody how professional, competent and passionate you are in your work.
Please, make sure that my email will be transmitted to all your actors; they are the best, specially Paul, who is a great teacher.
Wish you all the best,
Raffael Zamper, MD, Brazil
Dear Dr. Swartz,
My name is Suzana Tanimoto, I did the C3NY course in May 2008, and I’m happy to tell you that I passed the test. I also got 2 interviews for residency in Florida coming in December!
I’d like to tell you that you were right about the percentages of cases of each area and that the apparently “easy” ones were actually the difficult ones. I followed your advice completely. And because I tried to see “out of the box,” I did not focus on a diagnosis but on the interview and the close contact with the patient.
Thanks for reassuring me what I always think is important in our field: being a human being and not a machine! I wish I could help more people to understand your message!
I would like to say also that the people I met in the course made me feel good because they encouraged me just for by being in the same situation that I was.
Suzana Tanimoto, M.D., Brazil
Dear Anna and Dr. Swartz,
I am glad to share with you good news! I just got the results of my Step 2 CS and I passed!!! Yeah!!!!!!!
Thank you all for cheering, supporting, listen to me, etc., etc.,etc….
Both of you and my workshop colleagues helped me a lot, and I am sure I would have missed the goal of step 2 CS test if I had not attended your workshop.
I have to say I am sometimes quite stubborn, and I was reluctant to accept or agree that it was a test about the patient, not about my medical knowledge – probably because I was never exposed to that. Following your advice, I accepted the option to direct all my attention to what my SPs had to say and sometimes I even sacrificed parts of the PE in order to make a good closure, addressing their the concerns. And it worked!!!!!!
Have we all a great day (my day begun wonderfully!)
Nara de Matos Granja-Ingram, M.D., Brazil
Hello Dr. Swartz,
I’m writing to let you know that I passed!!!! I’m the Brazilian Ob-Gyn from the August class. I am so happy! When I left the exam center, I was absolutely sure I had failed.
Thank you so much for everything and keep doing this wonderful job!!
Roberta Dracxler, M.D., Brazil
Dear Dr. Swartz and Miss Anna!
Last week I received my Overall pass step 2CS letter and ECFMG Certificate!
It took 9 weeks, but finally I can breathe with relief. As you may remember I failed on my first attempt in the Data Gathering component. So I’ve tried to repeat and master everything I used on my first attempt, but I needed to avoid the same mistakes, and now I can say for sure!nothing is better than Dr. Swartz’s approach to understand the exam mechanics, secrets, and to obtain that inner feeling of self trust.
I know that in the universe of FMGs a small part takes the C3NY workshop. The experience of the workshops is invaluable not only for exam taking, but for the entire professional life and it is worth much more than the workshop fee.
I’d like to send special thanks to our SP Charles who patiently took part in workshop during 2 days, and I thank every SP on the third day for the incredible learning experience they provided.
Igor Ianov, M.D., Brazil
Dear Dr. Swartz, Anna, and Sandy,
Hey guys……..finally good news!!!!
Just received my ECFMG certificate. All steps concluded!! Now I’ll start looking for a spot in the Internal Medicine programs for 2007.
Thank you so much for your collaboration in the conclusion of this last step. Every word that you advised me was crucial to this accomplishment as well as for my professional and personnel life. Despite the “couple yawnings” during our talks, I guess I picked up the most of the tips you guys gave me.
I’ll let you know about this next step that will make me able to apply in real life all those skills and others that will come up!!!
Thank you again for everything Anna, Sandy and Dr. Swartz.
Rafael Oliveira, M.D., Brazil
Dear Dr. Swartz & Ms. Lank,
I recently got my result. I passed!
I found C3NY on the web. The first thing that caught my attention was your very useful website. You have information about absolutely everything, from transportation to accommodations in New York City. I chose one of your hotel recommendations, and it was a great deal.
The workshop was excellent. You provided me with some information that I would not find anywhere else. Some information was even shocking for me. But I trusted you Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank, and I did the right thing. You both were observing everyone very closely, and you gave feedback all the time, with all the students.
The place where the workshop was conducted was also very nice. I would like to thank not only both of you, but also all the SPs at C3NY. Congratulations for the great job you are all doing.
I hope physicians in Brazil, just like me, preparing for CS have the opportunity to attend the workshop. Feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way.
Andrei Purysko, M.D., Brazil
Dearest Dr. Swartz, Anna and SPs,
We are the couple of Brazilian psychiatrists who attended your C3NY workshop last July. Our test results just arrived and we both passed!
Attending your lectures was fundamental for our success. One of us had previously failed the exam, but our gloominess and intimidation completely faded after the first day of classes. Your way of dissecting the test, showing its purposes and what it is to be expected from the examiners and us was key in taking lots of question marks from our heads, and making us believe that it was doable. That alone provided enough confidence to face the task, but as we saw from the last couple of days, there was more!
The recap of the physical exam was great. You clearly showed that we could get what we needed from the SPs on those fifteen minutes, physical exam included. Timing ourselves afterwards proved you right and brought even more confidence.
But it seems the best was served last. The supervised encounters with feedback from Anna, Dr. Swartz, the SPs and our colleagues ranked among the best educational experiences ever. You learn from others, help others to learn, and that happens right in front of our eyes during the last day of the workshop. It was incredible to compare our moods before the first day of classes to the ear-to-ear smile we had on our faces when we left to the airport after the last day. And we had not even taken the test yet!
The main trouble on the day of the exam was keeping ourselves calm, but for that we had some theatrical tips learned from Anna. It was facing the beast and “following the leads”. They were there and proved to be invaluable. The toughest part ended up being the wait for the results, but now it is over.
We would like to thank all the colleagues who participated in the July workshop with us, and especially for the C3NY team we would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you so much! Muito Obrigado! May God bless you all, and keep on sharing your light.
João Vicente Busnello, M.D. and Luciana Ribeiro, M.D., Brazil
Dear Anna, Dr. Swartz and SP’s
I took my exam on 11/09/2012 and learned today that I passed Step 2CS.
The course was really amazing, and even before I have known the results, because I thought I did not make it because of the report. I am faster with my handwriting so I could not finished it for all encounters.
One funny thing that I noticed was how SP’s were happy when after introduction they realized I did not read First Aid. I would recommend your class to anyone.
Feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way.
Sincerely yours and thank you very much!
Erika Leme, MD, Brazil
Dear Dr Swartz,

I am happy to inform that I passed Step 2CS! Thank you for all your help and support! Your course really made a difference!

Sabrina Sisto Alessi César, M.D., Brazil

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