Dear Dr. Swartz, Anna, and SPs:
I want to thank you all for the advise, critiques, and support that you gave us. I just learned that I passed the Step 2-CS exam, and I have found out that many of those who took the workshop with me in July passed also.
The workshop was great …. and in the test nobody cried so I did not cry either!
Dr. Swartz you are a great teacher!!
Claudia Espinosa, M.D., Colombia

Sandra Jimenez, MD, Columbia, Video Testimonial

Dear Ms. Lank and Dr. Swartz,
I just wanted to let you know that I passed my STEP 2 CS!
I could not have done it without your help. I am immensely grateful with you and your team.
Thanks mucho!
Christiaan Ochoa, M.D., Colombia
Dear Anna,
I have the pleasure to tell you I passed my Step 2CS exam!
Thank you and thanks to Dr. Swartz and all the SPs.
God Bless You!
Best Wishes,
Sandra Jimenez, M.D., Colombia

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