Dear Dr. Swartz and Ms. Lank,
Thanks to your efforts and the highly efficient workshop. I PASSED the step 2CS exam! Your workshop was one of those classes that I shall remember as a remarkable one.
I’d like to appreciate your wonderful workshop that has definitely helped me, and those whom I practiced with, understand better what’s really being tested in the Step 2CS exam; where to pay more attention and what to avoid; how the SP is evaluating us; and how to develop a strategy that leads to successful communication not just in this exam , but for our personal and profession life in the US.
C3NY has blessed me with a better understanding of the art of medicine, thank you, and I’m proud to tell you all my study partners also successfully passed the Step 2CS. It’s important to practice the major cases.
I have told my friends about your course as a guide for preparation and especially on the day of the exam I remembered your and Anna’s advice. The interaction with the Standardized Patients at the workshop was a great opportunity for me. As an IMG, I had some difficulties that could only be discovered by the personal attention that is given to each and everyone of the students on the third day of your program. The day before the last day, we could practice with each other, and it was also a very special day also of the workshop. We had study groups to practice with before taking the test, which I found to be a very useful means for consolidating the skills we had learned in the workshop. As a result, one of my best friends is planning to attend your workshop this summer.
Once again thank you.
A.A.V., M.D., Ecuador
Dear People from C3NY,
After 7 weeks of anxiety and waiting, I got my Step 2-CS result. I PASSED THANK GOD.
I’m really happy and thankful to all of you from C3NY. During the June 2006 Workshop, I built the confidence that I needed to succeed in the exam. I just did what Doctor Swartz told us……….”This exam is a matter of communication with the patient in which you have to show the humanistic part of being a doctor”……….YOU A RE REALLY A “MAESTRO”……MASTER DOCTOR SWARTZ.
Thanks once again to Doctor Swartz, Anna, and the SPs. The workshops made a real difference in my confidence and attitudes toward the exam.
Besides learning how to deal with this nerve-racking exam, I learned many important aspects that I will apply during my professional life. That’s why I extremely recommend this course to ANYBODY facing Step 2-CS.
Best regards,
Fabian Delgado, M.D., Ecuador

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