Dear Dr. Swartz, Miss. Lank, & the SPs,
I’m happy to inform you that I passed the CS exam. I really would like to thank all of you for the amazing amount of information I learned in just 3 days.
I hope you still remember me; I took your course on December 18th 96 20th 2006, & I had a tough time taking the history from the SP on the 3rd day, but as much as it was hard, I learned well from it.
I & one of my classmates bought your new book, & we practiced all the cases. My exam was in Chicago on January 22nd.
Thank you again for preparing me well.
Zaid S. Shakir, M.D., Iraq
Hello Eveybody,
Hope you’re all doing well!
I received my report in 1/5/2011 and thankfully I passed, even with good overall performance.
I received the good news of Dr. Ivan Sanchez and Dr. Sateesh, hopefully the rest join us and pass.
Ms. Anna Lank, Dr. Swartz and Mr. Charley, thank you very much for the great efforts in the class that are definitely fruitful, it was really nice meeting you.
I am so grateful for your enormous efforts for me and my colleagues!
Thank you again.
Zaid Abdulsahib, Iraq
Hello Dr. Swartz,
This is Dina Zeki. I enrolled in your C3NY course in April. I am very pleased to say…” I did it the Swartz way, and I did it quite O.K.”…..passed the CS exam with high performance.
I would like to give my sincere thanks to you, Anna and the SPs. I left your course knowing that I have a good understanding of what this exam needs. I did not use mnemonics, I did not memorize anything… I just went in and “took care” of the patient like I normally would. I connected with each of them instantly and made them feel the way a real doctor should make everybody feel, like they will be taken care..” I am glad you came in today…you’re in good hands”….smiles were what I got back. History and PE were INCOMPLETE…yet …at the end, the charm of care and respect to the patient overcome any incompleteness I had here and there.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for shedding bright light on the reality of this exam. It was not just the course, but it was also your book for the CS that helped me tremendously. I did go through FA but I did not memorize anything and read it only once. I am so glad I did this the way you taught us to, because truly listening to you Dr. Swartz, will not only get us a PASS in the CS, but will get us HIGH PERFORMANCE and stars as well.
Thank you again. I have recommended your course and book to everyone I know that wants to take the test.
I am attaching a copy of my score report for you to share with your students.
With my deepest respect to you.
Dina Zeki, M.D., Iraq

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