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Hi Dr. Swartz and Anna,
This is Jiyo Shin from Korea who enrolled late for the May workshops so I could only observe on Day Three. I just got the mail from ECFMG telling me that I passed Step 2-CS. I feel so happy and appreciate everything that you did for me.
I will post my experience in Korean USMLE websites so many people can have the same great experiences.
And here’s more wonderful news. Do you remember a Greek guy Nicol and a Burma lady Kimmama? We practiced together after the workshop. And we all passed the Step 2-CS exam. I think you were absolutely right. Practicing cases with the classmates from C3NY was great fun and very helpful for preparing for the exam as well as relieving our anxiety for the test.
Thank you C3NY again.
I look forward to meeting you again in the future as a physician in USA.
Jiyo Shin, M.D., South Korea
Dear Dr. Swartz,
Hello this is Raymond. My friends Jang and Jaanna and I flew from Korea to take your C3NY workshop in September. After your excellent workshop, we all flew to LA to take the exam. We only had one day to review your course, but we had no choice. : )
September 29th, was our exam date, I was pretty nervous and made a few mistakes on the first three cases, but after the case number 4, I became calm.
As you said all the real cases were easier than C3NY cases. : ) I think practicing with your SPs helped a lot. They were excellent.
Finally today, me and my friends found out that we ALL passed the Step 2 CS.
I really appreciate your work and that of all your professional actors.
Please say thank you to Anna!
Raymond Kim, M.D., South Korea
Hi Anna,
This is Sarah Lee of November 2007 workshop. Just 1hr ago, I knew I passed.
I am very happy, and I really really want to thank you and Dr. Swartz. It was my fortune to go there.
Thanks again.
Sarah Lee, M.D., South Korea
Dear Dr.Swartz,
I just got an email from ECFMG and I passed. :)
I just followed your teaching, how to communicate, and it worked.
Thanks for your help and encouragement.
Sang Hyeon, M.D., South Korea
Good Afternoon Dr. Swartz,
I found out that I passed the exam today!! I was nervous before I open the file since I failed three times previously. However, I passed this time with high marks on all three sections!
I like to thank you, Ms. Anna Lank and all the actors and actresses who helped me understand not only let me pass the Step 2CS exam, but also taught me how to treat other human beings genuinely and kindly.
It was a remarkable education for three days. Dr. Swartz, I like to tell you that I am a living your testimony! I even had all the rotation in the United States and I had been told by other doctors that I have quite good communication skills. However, I failed three times with very low score in data gathering, patient note section and even other parts. I believed your teaching from the first day with all my heart and learned and practiced them. Now I passed with very high score!
Thank you again and have a wonderful day Dr. Swartz!
Younsuk Kim, M.D., South Korea
Dear Dr. Swartz,
This is Nicky, and I just got the result and it was PASS!!!! Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help. The workshop was a very productive time not only for the exam but also for the rest of my life as a doctor. I recommend the class to many Korean doctors and explain to them what the unique things you have in this Workshop.
I would suggest this course especially to anyone who thinks the CSA exam is to diagnose SPs’ diseases. I thought like the same before I took this course, and I tried to memorize all questions from books and it was really hard. However, I realized the memorizing way would never be working because there are so many disease cases, and we never cover all of them. After I took the first day of the workshop, I understood the purpose of the exam and figured out what I should do for this exam.
I still remember two things what I learned from the course, “This exam is the exactly the same as your normal day in a hospital.”, and “How would you like to be treated if you were a patient?”
This course taught me a lot not only for passing an exam but also for the rest of my life as a doctor. Physical examination workshop on Day 2 was very easy to follow as Dr. Swartz explained the exam in every detail and in a simple way. Practice with SPs on Day 3 was amazing because I could get the comments directly from them about my English such as the way I asked the questions, how much easy it was for them to understand my English, and my pronunciation.
Thank you again very much and also to Anna.
Nicky Chang, M.D., South Korea
I’m Ghana Kang from South Korea who took the C3NY course in May. I just got the Step 2CS result. It is PASS. As I promised with you, I want to share my result with you.
It was really helpful to learn from you. It was a lot of information, and very good colleagues to practice with, etc. The 3 day course changed the whole paradigm about the exam. That’s why I could pass the exam I think.
In addition, what I liked the most is that your lectures didn’t just focus on how to pass the exam. It was for beyond the exam, such as American culture, proper attitude for better doctor-patient relationship.
I would like to appreciate all of your effort and help again and again. Now I’m studying for Step2 CK which is upcoming July 31th.
Thank you very much.
Ghana Kang, M.D., South Korea
Dear Dr. Swartz,
I took your class during the last week of June, and I got my result, which is PASS!!
While I took your class, your class gave me new ideas about the Step 2CS test. Thanks for inspiring me.
I can definitely say your class is worth to take for people who need help and confidence.
Shany Han, M.D., South Korea

Younsuk Kim, MD, South Korea

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