Sri Lanka

Dear Dr. Swartz,
I participated in the September C3NY workshop & gave my test in October. I got my results in December, & I passed. Your workshop helped me a lot to pass the test. I found my exam very easy; maybe due to your right guidance. I would like to express my special THANKS to you & the staff of C3NY.
I’m from Sri Lanka & my first language is not English. And also I was new to this country & didn’t know the proper way of greeting & cultural differences. You addressed that area also which helped me a lot on the exam. We can’t get that kind of information from standard books.
I hope you will help thousands of doctors to get through this exam in the future, because you are an excellent teacher.
THANKS again & wish you a very happy new year.
Manjula Hewavitharana, M.D., Sri Lanka
Dear Dr Swartz,
After a long painful wait of over two and half months I got my results of the Step 2CS, and I passed. What a joy!
Coming to USA was a whole new experience for me. I really felt the diversity of the two cultures along with a marked difference in doctor patient relationship. The C3NY comprehensive clinical program prepared me immensely to build a confidence to practice here in the USA.
After losing clinical exposure for nearly two years, the course revived my clinical knowledge which lead to the success at the Step 2 CS exam. It was like a dream come true.
I am so grateful to Dr Swartz and the team for conducting such an invaluable program. I strongly recommend anyone to follow the course and see the difference in the attitude once you had.
Thank you so much for helping to make my dream a reality.
Erosha Jayawardena, M.D., Sri Lanka

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